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The Big Bang Theory Penny Seduces Leonard Funny S12E15

Bolt and Penny are the best of friends, but what if that friendship was kicked up a notch? This is my first fanfic, and it certainly won't be my last. Bolt was sitting on the couch on a Saturday afternoon, with Mittens and Rhino right next to him. Everything was going great for the White Shepherd, and he had no regrets. Today, Penny was going to take him to the park for some fun in the sun, but she had to finish her homework first. She had an English paper due on Monday, and she hadn't started it yet, so he had to wait until she was halfway done. Could ya tone it down a bit?

Finally, after watching her get beaten, seeing her blood spill on those dirtbags, and now watching her being raped, Bolt snaps. He snaps and let's out a terrifying roar. He leaps up and lungs at them.

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He swings his massive paw and tears straight through frive of them. Their bodies fall to their knees, well three do. The tophelf of those three went flying into the air. One lands into a tree, hanging by its arms with its guts spilling out of it in loes, straight lines, and bundles.

The other two fall to the floor at the same time as their bodies. They behind them, with their guts spread everywhere.

Bolt melts into Penny's touch Penny lays down on her bed and lays Bolt on her stomach." Schools almost over ", she thinks, " Then, I can spend as much time as I want with Bolt ". Sub-consciously, Penny hugs Bolt closer to her. Bolt sighs contently and snuggles closer to Penny. Related searches bolt hentai h0rs3 furry bolt princess forced blot fishnet feet ass fucking bolt disney bolt on usain bolt bolton disney bolt lou lou disney jessie volt princess yummy furry meet the robinsons bolton wife bolt cartoon zootopia fantasies bold boly power rangers bolt ons bolt porn bolt movie power puff girls bolted. bolt disney lesbian porn disney lesbian porn scissoring bolt disney lesbian porn bolt disney. bolt yiff porn disney porn bolt disney furry tagme 1. bolt rule porn showing images for bolt rule comic. penny fucking porn fuck team five bridgette and penny flame and krissy picture jpg. penny nichols on twitter 1.

Some of thier guts were still in the air and landed on the remaining people alive. Before any of them have time to react, Bolt ripes anothers head off and his blood shoots up in the air like a sprinkler.

He also shoves his hand through anothers chest and ripes his heart out. This one coughs up blood and falls to his knees. He looks at the hole in his chest, then st Bolt, then falls lifelessly to the ground. Finall, unfrozen from fear, the reamining guys start to run.

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Too bad for them they didn't get very far. Bolt spun on them and leaped into the air. He lands on two of them and flattens them. Their heads pop off their shoulders and shoot past the last person alive. Their blood shoots in the air and saoks him, like all the others blood. The last one attempts to run some more, but Bolt cuts his legs off. He falls and all the air rushes out of his lungs. His legs land right in front him and he screams. Bolt flips him over and growls at him.

Tears and snot run down his face as her begs Bolt not to kill him. This further enrsges Bolt. Did you stop when Penny asked you to? So tell me why I should listen to you, huh? As if hearing his thought, he starts to apologies repeatedly. Only serving to piss him off even more. He grabs the boy's head with his nouth. Bolt slowly startes clench his jaw.

Making him wither and scream in agony. Bolt stops and opens his mouth all the way, giving him false hope. Just as he's about to move, Bolt mouth slams shut full force. His head is squashed flatter than a plancake and his brains fill Bolt's mouth.

Bolt drops the now lifless body and spits out his brains. Then, he lifts his head and lets out another terrifying roar. At the same, Bolt and Penny, bolt out of bed.

Both of them are covered in seat, for different reasons, of course. Penny was also blushing as red as a tomato when she lookes at Bolt.

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Bolt looks at Penny and his nightmare flashes before his eyes. The color drains from him and he looks as pale as a ghost.

He begins to shiver volently. Penny looks back at Bolt and sees him shaking violently. She scoopes him up and pulls him closer to her, into a tight hug. When I see your smile Tears run down my face I can't replace And now that I'm strong I have figured out How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one I will never let you fall let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven It's okay.

It's okay. Seasons are changing And waves are crashing And stars are falling all for us Days grow longer and nights grow shorter I can show you I'll be the one I will never let you fall let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven 'Cause you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart Please don't throw that away 'Cause I'm here for you Please don't walk away and Please tell me you'll stay, whoa, stay, whoa Use me as you will Pull my strings just for a thrill And I know I'll be okay Though my skies are turning gray I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

Bolt starts to breath normally, now and only whimpers slightly.

remarkable, very good

His shaking has calmed somewhat, but not much. He looks up at Penny with fear in his eyes. Penny leans forward and captures Bolt's lips with hers. Bolt stiffens and stares wide eyed at Penny. Penny loks back into his eyes and sees his fear disappear. It was replaced by an even stronger emotion, love. They close their eyes and Bolt finally kisses Penny back.

They sit there and kiss for over an hour too entrenced to break away for breath. Fun how they felt they didn't need it though. Finally, they break away and Penny lays back down, taking Bolt with her. Bolt snuggles into her chest and sighs contently.

Penny pulls the covers over them and also sighs contently. She looks at Bolt and smiles before closing her eyes. They fall into a blissful, dreamless sleep. The song in this chapter is by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Bolt. Bolt and Penny. It was always them from the beginning. Two against all odds. Though, before it was just a tv show, but now In light of a special connection the two share, ancient DNA has been awoken in Bolt's blood.

In doing so, it gifts him with the powers he once found out were fake and more. Penny is given her own abilities.

And now they must. Bolt: Arrrrrgggghhhh Penny: Bolt? Bolt :Arrrrgghh? Penny: Hey buddy, where are we? Bolt: I have no idea Penny: Did you just talk? Bolt: Wait, you can understand me? Both of them nod at the same time. And where'd you come from? LordCanine: I am Immortality and I came from LordCanine: Fine, fine. I'm writing a story on you two. Bolt gives me the "what the fuck? Penny just remains silent.

I'm writing a love story between the two of you Bolt and Penny: OH! LordCanine: Three Penny and Bolt: Wait! Penny: You can't do that. Bolt's my dog and my best freind Bolt: Penny's my human, I could never do that.

They bothstruttered and blush crimson red trying to answer the question. LordCanine: My piont exactly.

TBBT - Penny and Leonard - All bed scenes

Now on to the story. Bernadette too was close to cumming yet again from Leonard's expert cunt licking. She had Raj's entire cock down her throat and as he licked away at Amy, he ran his dark fingers through Bernadette's silky blonde hair.

Priya lost it first and as she started cumming, Penny was amazed on how Sheldon added a finger in Priya's pussy and had his thumb rub her thick red clit.

She came all over his face and once again Penny was surprised how he licked and sucked up all Priya's juices. Priya unable to take any more rolled off of Sheldon.

His cock popped out of her mouth and it was covered in a thick coating of her saliva. It bobbed and waved above his slim body and Penny fought to urge to climb aboard the Sheldon train. So far I did all the work, can you translate what you read into expert fucking too? Howard and I had a fight a couple of days ago about Glenn and his large equipment, but you make Glenn look small in comparison.

Howard stormed off saying he was going to remedy his problem once and for all, I haven't seen him since. Amy, resting beside Penny saw how upset she was; "Hey Bestie, can you do me a favor? She leaned against the bathroom counter, her perky breasts caught Penny's attention; "Penny I've noticed you, Priya and Bernadette all have your pubic hair either trimmed or completely shaved off. I feel a little self-conscious about this thick growth of hair.

I also saw how much easier it was for Raj, Leonard and Sheldon to lick your pussies. I was wondering if you would assist me in tidying my pubic hair up. That way I can pull the skin taut and get the little hairs off! Yu can be such a sexy slut sometimes!

Bolt fuck penny

When she had it down to the short hairs, she picked up the can of shaving gel and squirting a good amount in the palm of her hand she began to rub it into the hairs surrounding Amy's moistened pussy.

Amy let out a tiny moan and her hands gripped Penny's forearms; "Mmmmm Bestie, that feels fabulous, rub it in deeper! Amy gripped her arms even harder and came softly on Penny's fingers.

Looks like I'm going to have to re-apply it. If you don't there is a good chance of getting nicked or cut. If that happens it isn't fun fucking for some time due to the sensitivity, okay? Penny rinsed Amy's pussy and re-applied the cream once again, this time very close to her lips; "Okay Amy, here is where it becomes tricky.

To get the fine hairs close to your pussylips I have to slip my fingers in your pussy and pull them taut, ready?

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Penny slipped one long finger in and pulled outward and began the delicate procedure. She did this several times, even adding a second finger and when she put the razor down, her fingers continued to finger her pussy.

She now drove then in and out faster and deeper.

Fat Cock Alex Legend & redheaded fuck star, Penny Pax, bang young 18yo Chloe Cherry for her first time on camera & shoot a load of cum on her face! Full Video & More Chicks @! k 10min - p. Gloryhole Sex With Penny Pax. k min - p. Penny. Views: D.V.A fuck. Star vs the Forces of Evil - Others. Adult humor part 6. GIFs: Making a Cat Cry Prequel. Rescue Rodents 6 - A Time for Love. Black and White Trick Girls. 60 Black Eye For The Queer Guy. Early Boomers. Stocking no SweetMilkParty. Forbidden fruit 1. Rescue Rodents 6 - . "Bolt!" Penny said as she grabbed the towel to cover her naked body, and caused Bolt to snap out of his subconscious state. He backed up rapidly and ran out of the room, nearly taking out the small coffee table in the hallway. Bolt ran down the stairs as fast as he could, not caring what got in his way, which startled Mittens a little.

Her thumb came in contact with Amy's clit and just before she came, Penny lowered her mouth and added her tongue to the clit. Amy shot off like a Roman candle and fell against Penny's body. She shook violently and rewarded Penny with a gush of her hot thick cream. Penny rose up and slipped in-between Amy's spread thighs. Leaning forward she swept Amy's long dark hair back behind her shoulders and bending down placed her warm cum coated lips on Amy's.

The kiss was soft and tender and Penny's long blonde hair flowed about Amy's face. Penny broke the kiss and said to Amy; "Come on Amy, let's get out there and get us some cock! I want to see you fuck that boyfriend of yours big cock!

Bernadette was on her back; her head was propped up with a large fluffy pillow. Her golden locks were all askew. Raj had his fingers of one hand tangled in her tresses as he fucked her face violently, driving his cock in and out of her mouth.

Saliva was dripping down her chin as she tried to take him deeper and deeper. Between her outstretched thighs was Sheldon, his huge cock was plummeting her tiny pussy and he drove all the way in before pulling nearly all the way out.

Bernadette's legs were flailing about as she met his every thrust. Her entire lower belly, pussy and thighs were dripping in sweat and her female juices. Sheldon's stiff cock was covered in her milky cum and he looked like a man possessed as he raced towards an explosive orgasm. What caught Penny's eye were Priya and Leonard. She was surprised, no shocked to see Leonard sitting in an overstuffed chair across the room watching his roommate fucking Bernadette.

Priya was sitting on the edge of the bed; her eyes were plastered on the threesome fucking. She wanted desperately to join, but didn't dare because one of them was her brother, Raj.

Penny wondered why Leonard and Priya hadn't connected and joined in the sexual romp in the bedroom. She scooted over to where Leonard sat and when he saw her, he sat up and smiled weakly at her; "Oh hi Penny, is everything okay? I'd also like to say you look absolutely stunning!

I just love your new hairstyle! Why aren't you with your girlfriend Priya?

Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 01

I thought the two of you would be fucking like rabbits by now? Had he not been looking where he was going, the chances of that happening were a lot greater. Mittens looked up the stairway, wondering what had just happened. Mittens ran through all of the possibilities in her head, and still couldn't come up with anything that would make Bolt run for his life like that.

Penny would never try to hurt him, which eliminated so many other options. While she continued to think, Penny came down the stairs at a careful speed, dressed in a robe with her hair soaking wet, and looked around the living room as she made it to the bottom step.

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Mittens had figured out that she had just gotten out of the shower, as she watched the spectacle unfold, hopefully being able to catch what had happened. Putting that thought aside, she focused her attention on what she really wanted to know.

Penny walked around to the kitchen slowly, and Mittens jumped down to follow, and put all of the puzzle pieces together. The two walked through the kitchen, before catching sight of Bolt in the dining room, and crouched in the corner of the room underneath the table; the one place he knew would be the hardest for Penny to reach. Penny got on her knees, and looked under the table to find Bolt cowering in fear, pushed as far into the corner as possible.

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Having her just look at him just made Bolt turn his head away and close his eyes, fearful of her reaction. Penny sighed knowing that he felt bad about walking into the room, but was determined to let him know that it was just an accident. I won't hurt you, I swear! Bolt lifted his head, and looked over at Penny, tears coming from his eyes.

Seeing this only made Penny feel more terrible about the whole ordeal. Things happen, and I could never be mad at you please come here. The entire time, Mittens was still trying to figure out what was going on.

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As he came into full view, Penny pulled the shepherd into a hug, assuring him that what he did was just an accident. I don't ever want you to be afraid of that. Bolt gave her a small whine to let her know he was listening.

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Penny eventually let go to head back upstairs and get dressed. With one issue out of the way, Mittens jumped in, hoping Bolt would fill her in on the situation.

In that one sentence, Mittens had put all of the pieces together. I knew that what I did was wrong, and I was afraid that I was gonna get punished for it. Penny walked back into her room, and made sure to close the door this time, where she took off her robe, revealing her naked self, and walked to her dresser for some clothes. After pulling out a pair of jeans and t-shirt, she set them on her bed and sat down to take in what had just happened with Bolt.

I hope I didn't scar him. He's so innocent and cute when he gets embarrassed. Any girl dog would be really lucky to have him stare at her. He's a dog! There's no way I'm attracted to him. He's my dog my boy my good boy. When she realized what she was doing, she jumped up and began to pace.

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