Tips For Caring Food Processor for Long Term Usage

  • March 3, 2019

A food processor is a magical appliance that could aid you greatly when it comes to doing the kitchen chores. The key to getting the most from your food processor is its maintenance.  You must use it correctly and keep it clean. Listed below are some tips for taking care of the food processor so that it functions optimally:

  •  Before operating the food processor, make sure that you are using the foods that can be used in the food processor.
  •  To ensure consistency and smooth running of the processor, cut vegetables and fruits in small pieces before using them in the processor.
  •  Always turn off and unplug the machine before cleaning it.
  •  Never put your hand in the food processor’s bowl when it is switched on. This would cause severe injuries and damage the product as well.
  •  Avoid complete filling of the food processor. This will result in better blending and chopping.
  •  While kneading dough in your food processor, add liquid only through the funnel.
  •  To remove odors from your food processor bowl, add baking soda and water solution to the bowl and keep it for fifteen minutes. Dry your bowl thoroughly.
  •  After every use clean your food processor. For cleaning the motor, wipe the outer surface using a damp cloth and let it dry. For the bowl, blades, and lid, wash them and wipe thoroughly to completely remove moisture.
  •  For efficient functioning of the blades, oil them and read the instruction manual for this process. In case of the blades being damaged, replace them immediately.
  •  Use a nylon scrubber to remove deposits that are difficult to remove.
  •  Always remove food stuck between the blades as it could cause the blades to wear and tear quickly. If you want to buy a new food processor to aid you in doing your kitchen tasks, FoodProcessorHub offers a variety of information on various food processors along with their reviews.

Food processors come with removable blades for shredding, slicing, chopping and mixing foods. Food processors are of two kinds: direct-driven and belt-driven. Direct-driven food processors have the spindle directly connected to the motor. Moreover, the mixing bowl is placed over the gear assembly. On the other hand, belt-driven food processors have the mixing bowl placed on one side of the motor. The blade shaft and the drive shaft are connected through a rubber belt which makes the blades to spin. Since the blades of a food processor are extremely sharp and could be injurious, all sorts of food processors come with a safety switch which prevents the motor to operate until the bowl cover has been securely in place. So if the machine is not running, first of all check whether the cover is locked properly or not.

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