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CODY DEAL: Human Potentiality

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I love them all. These comments are so dead on. It just amazes me how Cody Deal is. I'm like seriously. Big overinflated ego. One would think that if he was serious about his acting. He'd be taking anything comes his way to start with. That's how some if the greats today got their starts. You're new kid on block. You take any acting gig you can. Pay your dues first and then be choosing what you want.

Cody's achievements are moving out to Hollywood with zero contacts and starring in the Syfy Original Movie ALMIGHTY THOR with zero experience, landing the cover story in April 's Men's Exercise, playing collegiate quarterback with zero experience at Los Angeles Valley College, and being an internationally published model selling over 5, OMG, he's naked: Cody Deal in 'The Girl's Guide to Depravity' cody Thirst n Howl Sometimes guys just look sexier with their clothes on Chicago guy, interested in guys, boots, uniforms and anything else that tickles what ever. - the best free porn videos on internet, free.

Grab the Sci fi movies and run with them. Can't be any worse than almighty Thor. Sadly to say I was one to be duped into getting his calendar. Thought it was going to be a great thing since it was an erotic nude calendar.

If I wanted to see ass and lifting weights, I'd have looked it up. I wanted to see the goods but you only get to see the outline in a speedo or in those spandex things.

Hell mine is bigger than that. Veins included. What a waste. But if it's actually going to charity, then for good cause but I'd like to see proif. Maybe he should release one of his homemade sex videos that he's got plenty of on his phone.

I'd def tap my phone. I know I'd definitely watch. He might get some roles then be more infamous. He can't act. Can't play football or other sports. I know chaturbate and flirt 4 free would be great venue. It's a great birthday present for Valentine's day. Yes, I work in West Hollywood. I love the effect I have on people. I know my power. And despite the majority of online support, you have the little hurters of the world, who try to diminish one's power.

The hurters of the world don't just belittle, berate, accuse, and sting others, but they hurt inside. That is why I call them the hurters of the world. When you can feel someone's pain, it is called empathy. Compassion is a companion in more higher-conscious beings.

I will never be liked by all. It is not my mission. I may not always be popular or liked at all. But that is not my mission. Leaders are rarely liked. Look at Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton. Look at Joel Osteen or Jesus. All of these people have or had many enemies. Not because of them. But because most people aren't in a state of higher consciousness.

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Most people don't know why they have deep feelings about certain believes. I did not come here to live an easy life. I came here to honor my integrity and fulfill a big purpose. That purpose is continuously unfolding. And, right now, it has me working in gay bars, making good money, making wonderful connections, and making me a better man.

join. All

I started, born in Oklahoma. I don't judge the process. I trust the process. I will not always be here. But, while I am, I am open to what life is teaching me.

Cody Deal Nude 18 pics. Cody Deal is the guy who starred as Thor within the movie Almighty Thor which premiered in Ever since, this blonde cutie has got wide attention especially within gay community! Thataˆs understandable, because gay guys would die to have someone like him. Cody Deal Nude In the Spike TV VGA Video Game Awards, Cody also performed the part of Craps Player. Cody grew up with Kyle, his twin brother, and Lucas, his elder brother. Josh Hutcherson Cock Pics & Videos (49 Pics). Ahhh, another former Disney star had their photos LEAKED. If you are wondering if the Dylan Sprouse nude leaks are real, they certainly are! Not only does The Suite Life of Zack & Cody actor admit the naughty selfies are authentic, he is proud of them. Yep, he even went on .

What is your power? Apart from getting some cock hard?! But I see improvements here, at least now you start being honest with yourself, and you call yourself a "bartender" and not anymore an actor.

There are some mean comments here, but most of them are just truth. I think you did well to do the calendar, you are milking the few gays that wanted to see your "allegedly" naked calendar, good, you made some money and moved into a new apartment, but do NOT say you are an LGBT rights supporter, because bartending in a gay bar or showing your bum on a calendar is in no way supporting the LGBT community, but making money out of them.

Simple as that.

Cody Deal Nude Pics & Leaked Video Exposed. 1 year ago. by Mr. Meat Treat. This guy played Thor in the Syfy adaptation Almighty Thor, and you'll find out why very soon. Get ready for the studly Cody Deal nude pics and leaked video! Now for a little about this sculpted package before we reveal his erect penis and chiseled abs. Cody's Private Premium Snapchat content includes (but not limited to): Weekly physique check-in's of Cody's body, by video, usually nude, from all angles. Completely nude erotic content (videos and more), as a perk for all of my loyal admirers. Exclusive pictures and videos not seen anywhere else. Cody Austin Deal (born February 14, ) is an American actor, the height of his career was appearing in Syfy's Almighty Thor. Enjoy his naked pics.

And I would like to remind you that if "most comments about you on your social media are of support" it's ONLY because you spent your days carefully deleting every single negative comment. So please Should we all have a reality check!? Wearing a G-String serving drinks at a gay bar?! Talking about brilliant careers Danny: you really have no life.

What are you doing with your life? Probably at home jerking off to sean cody you worthless piece of shit. I don't understand the purpose of your existence. Leave the guy alone whether he thinks he is Beyonce or not, who gives a fuck. Let him live. Gay people like you shouldn't be allowed in the gay community. Now you wonder why there is so many homophobic people in this world and is because people like that put a bad rep for the rest.

Burn in the hell.

Almighty Thor Comic-Con Exclusive: Cody Deal

I've just stated truth and facts! If you don't like facts, go and read some other site I love how we're supposed to kiss his ass because he's a "GLBT supporter". Bitch, you date trannies! LOL I think that photo sums up what he's good for Reading his posts became a weekly entertainment i am looking forward. Pure Comedy. I do not know this guy but is he really that bad? Hell, if he is the poster boy for Gay LA, I'm going straight!! Have you ever met a guy who has all the pieces that you find attractive, but it just doesn't add up?

R84, click where it says "click here. The pic should come up. I patronize the other blonde bartender, though the slimmer guy. I always keep work fun and I'm always this fun and happy when I'm working. Someone what a surprise made fun of me for bartending in my undies. I've been homeless twice trying to make it in Hollywood. Now I've built a brand meand come out with my own products. As much as you might not want to hear it, social media is a platform for building a brand.

The universe has me slinging bottles in West Hollywood, just like it started me out in a small town of 1, people in southeast Kansas, and would drive 45 miles one way to work every day after football and basketball practice. Would got off at 11pm every night except game nights and full days on wknds. Not only did I have the highest sales at the call center working part time with employees, but I also was 1 academically Valedictorian of my high school and a 1st-Team All-State athlete and the MVP of my high school's basketball team.

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I didn't judge hauling hay every summer starting at just turning years-old or paying my mom's car payment for a year at years-old. My humble beginnings is the only reason I have so much drive, and my uncommon belief system creates uncommon results. Some will resonate with that and others will brush it off. But if I didn't know where I was headed I would have given up the first time I went homeless, and if not then, the second time. I won't always be in Weho making drinks, but while I am, I'm sure gonna have one hell of a time doing so!

Potatoes are a 'low acid' food and therefore can only be safely canned in a pressure cooker canner.

Cody deal naked

It's not the universe that is having you swinging bottles in a g-string, you could have been a fairly good model, and maybe, just maybe, an actor if you had a different personality, and would have studied and took small jobs instead of going crazy literally and acting like a Hollywood star after a Z-list movie for a tv channel I'm not criticizing, take this as advice from someone in the business. One more thing Your acting or modeling career is already burnt due to any single photo that comes up online.

These are photos of a pornstar not an actor.

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No brand wants to be associated to that image. You mentioned Brad Pitt dressing as a chicken or whatever to make money Well, it is quite different he wasn't naked nor flexing in a g string, and he surely didn't publicize it all over the internet. That preview at R94 is so shitty that the trailer for Madonna's W. This grifting narcissist is now claiming he has a 9" penis and will show youfor money, of course.

I know a 9" bulge when I see one; that ain't one. Tiny Peen is mentally fucking ill and needs to be stopped. Yes I noticed that r98, Cody Deal has nothing else to do to make people care about him so yes he is promoting this full frontal calendar and telling all his followers he has 9 INCHES OF DICK as he has been repeating over and over to anyone who will listenso please pre-order his calendar! No one is going to OWN me but myself.

Busty brunette CEO meets her big tits blonde rival boss in her there to close the deal and has one needs to lick her or she ladies get naked and the blonde facesits her she rubs her and eats her pussy. k min - p. Cody's Private Premium Snapchat content includes (but not limited to): Weekly physique check-in's of Cody's body, by video, usually nude, from all angles. Completely nude erotic content (videos and more), as a perk for all of my loyal admirers. Exclusive pictures and videos not seen anywhere else. Jan 27,   Cody Deal channels both Luke Skywalker and Napoleon Dynamite for his portrayal of Thor, a combination that is almost lethal to the entire production. It probably would've been cool if Cody Deal knew how to act, but he obviously lifts a lot of weights which is .

Fuck that. That's dear, that's why you left Hollywood. Not the fact that no one wanted to hire you because you are a terrible actor. I believe he kept getting fired from his bartending gigs, no one wanted to work with him anymore. Now I can say I have officially had a good conversation with a President. Aww, he took down his Youtube vid where he literally compared himself to Jesus.

Cody Deal Nude Pics & Leaked Video Exposed

Couldn't handle the backlash, Cody? Yeah I can't believe someone who is entirely supported by gay men would post a photo posing with Trump. Just fucking stupid, why does he want to bite the hand that feeds him? But then again I'm not surprised.

Too manly desperate queens stroking his ego so long makes him feel like a god. He knows he can do anything and those queens will still follow him around and buy whatever shit he hustles. He needs to quit kidding himself and just do porn dear, but I guess he keeps inching closer and closer to that.

Everything is about him. He compared himself to Jesus? In what way? Interestingly enough, Trump said, "I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created. Fuck this entitled cunt.

LOL girls not wanting to do anal because his dick is too big. Bruhyou date chicks with dicks. It's anal or nothing. And I guarantee "your dick is too big! He still has that annoying overbite which is fine when he keeps his mouth shut.

CODY DEAL nude - 8 images and 0 videos - including scenes from "". Jan 21, exposes the private world of sexiest and most famous male movie stars, singers and models. They are all here naked, doing naughty things with their partners and playing with their private parts on camera! Daily ated archive of the most sought-after leaked nude . CODY DEAL nude - 8 images and 0 videos - including scenes from "".

He should do that more often than not. When you've got a pinky dick you don't take X pics to begin with, so there's nothing to hack. Can you imagine dating someone so self-obsessed?

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You'd basically be his live-in photographer. If this mofo ain't a narcissist, who is? Dear, don't encourage anyone to buy this fools calendar r The pictures will leak online as soon as it is out. This guy is such a joke. Not only is he a narcissistic entitled douchebag and now a Trump apologist for good measurebut also his only commodity his body is really not that impressive anymore based on those pathetic YouTube videos.

Just some free advice since he has absolutely nothing else going on for him certainly not his brain nor his great personality And he's a Trump supporter who believes in reverse racism and is against gay antidiscrimination laws Our batshit crazy exhibitionist went on some long ass rant about some gay posters at LPSG being mean to him.

The only thing unique about him r is the way he has spent so much effort marketing himself as a sex symbol for gay guys, I mean it's his whole livelihood that he wants you to know he makes 8k a month doing dammit! Given the March pic and October pic are the only two that people have bothered to scan and post online it is likely they are the only two with full frontal nudity.

We will see.

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Just do porn if he's so hot and hung and not faking it. That's the most money he'll be able to make. You'll gain access to a VERY intimate side of me. My Snapchat is NOT for everybody; you will need to special request me to gain access!!

This is a very PERSONAL tier showcasing things that should not be in a public format, but since I have done an annual fully-nude wall calendar that has sold nearly 5, copies globally, I do have a loyalist following that enjoys this type of showcase.

Cody's Private Premium Snapchat content includes but not limited to : Weekly physique check-in's of Cody's body, by video, usually nude, from all angles. Completely nude erotic content videos and moreas a perk for all of my loyal admirers.

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Exclusive pictures and videos not seen anywhere else. Full permission to screen-record and screenshot any an all private content for your personal library ONLY. Show more. Even though Cody is a 6'3. Der Dildo Deal mit Diana.

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