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Thanx for all your work im sure Catie is very grateful :D. Using that, I was able to find additional information that led to a probable last name. It doesn't match the email that CBCR found however it could've been fake, a middle name, or something else , and that's where the search ends. She may have left a few accounts and pictures lying around, but nothing more. I don't think Boxxy will have to worry about any real-life harrassment.

Basically she is always trying hard to avoid to do these short screams. She does physical ticks to calm her mind. Because when she gets too excited she probably do these screams. She seems very intelligent and aware of this problem and try to conceal it the best way she can.

I've met someone with the exact same condition, behavior and attitude. They tend to be extremely happy and love everyone.

Not fake, no acting, it is just too hard to fake tourette syndrome accurately for the whole length of the video at this age. She's crushing over a boy, so naturally her adrenaline would be high.


And since she was pretty young during that video, the adrenaline would have a greater effect on her body. It's just a case of teenage girl quirkyness. The third video, she had to make it obvious that it was the same girl as the first and second video, because she had aged so much. Remember that she was trying to expose the other account for being a fake. So she wore the same eyeliner style, same shirt, and then, to finish it up, she had to act the same as the first and second videos, even though her body now could counter-act the adrenaline.

If she didn't, most people would have said, "You're not Boxxy, you're some random girl wanting to be her". I agree Rebel Probably mild tourette case and she has more control over it. Theres worse stuff on 4chan dan Boxxy an ppl are pissed about her its a joke they need to wise up like its not her fault if ppl spammed the site it wasnt her like pricks never learn does ne1 no how she is now?

You correctly identified the mob passion and the viciousness that can build when people are anonymous and feel safe from retribution for their actions. Years ago we used to see flame wars on Usenet as vicious as this.

What concerns me most about this being an old guy is that this was done to a young woman. There used to be an expectation that men would treat women with respect, even gentleness. No-one but trash would violate that ethic. Now I'm afraid it's lost for good. Great post, I look at this whole Boxxy situation with a bitter taste in my mouth. They already have her information out, they did as much research as they could, how can they threaten her again?

I hope we can soon find out what has happened to her. I want to see some kind of ending that isn't completley a mess. You must be catious. Actually no, what we witnessed here was not the destructive power of the internet. What we saw was the ugliness of Americans, who increasingly are just evil and selfish.

Ruin a year-old's life for the hell of it? Sure, why not. That's freedom. Sooner or later though, freedom from conscience usually leads to hard time. In jail they will be used by other inmates the way they tried to use little Boxxy. At which point I'd have to say, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

They wont get very far. I'd most likely punch all of them in the face Then feed on the remains of the corpses of the faggots. Great blog and nice post I am trying to maintain a list of cute blogs. Thanks and nice collection of blogs.

These people who think they can remain anonymous better realize that people who care can stop them. This small percentile of twits are trying to be super villains in a world of heroes. Wow, I didn't even know this whole Boxxy thing was like this.

I just thought they were some pop. This is an outrage. No one, including CBCR, should be allowed to do this. But, that's what moot allowed when he first created 4chan.

explain more detail

People are just fucked up in the head. Im sorry boxxy that this ever happened to you. Hell i dont even know you but from what i read you did everything right and still you got fucked in the end.

No one should be threatened and endlessly messed with the way you were. You will probably never read this but it makes me feel better to say sorry lol. You are all fucking pieces of shit you no life losers. Boxxy: the story of a group of people who didn't like someone and took this to the extreme for no other reason than their dislike.

The CBCR are sick bastards to have focused so much energy on the destruction of a 16 year old girl's internet life. What cause could be so important that it was worth what Boxxy was put through? The only answer is none. She did not intend what happened to happen and she is not some object that should be removed if it causes trouble. She is a person with a life and the CBCR had no place knocking her down the way they did. I'm sure her parents are worried and scared about the boxxy situation.

Not being a bitch to her about it. She's only 16 for gods sake. I think what they did was wrong Sure, Boxxy maybe gone but yeah Cate is still around shes just being her now, still interneting around, we might even bump into her some day.

Some people need to grow up and have a little heart as well. And the sad part is that's exactly how they want to be viewed "srs bisness"? AT ALL.

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I doudt thats the real Anon and Eyrev, if it is then that is quiet wierd, And Eyrev, awnser the questions here. Nobody is going to email you. If you are the real one then post why you did it and awnser the questions here. You were happy enough to say why in a youtube video which really made no sense, you dont have the right to tell boxxy what she can and cannot post. And if your not so much good at "Hacking" then how the hell did you get the dox?

TO every damn stalker out there She is just an extremely cute nice girl that does not have to be bothered by any stalkers. Damn people. I know the whole story Even the parts that are not mentioned in this article He hacked her in January of last year. He lives in the UK, if I remember correctly. I'm taking this fucker down if I have a shot at anything.

Jan 14, Boxxy is easily one of the most recognizable living memes of internet history. Her initial few zany videos were what made her famous. Most are . Nov 22, Related topics Replies Views Last post; Boxxy + Laina by lils3xyshooper Sun Jul 20, am 6 Replies Views Last post by gapfthb Wed Jul 10, pm Request Celebrity Nudes. Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS Here. Leaked nude photos of Catie Wayne. Boxxy is a character performed by American Internet celebrity Catie Wayne.

He will feel the wrath of everyone and everything he took down He will feel the power of- Omega. Better he wil buy xanax from my pharmacy. I love Boxxy and I hope she's doing well. The people who caused this seriously deserve to die. January " Welcome to the third year of Boxxy's "fifteen minutes of fame"!

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The past is gone and static.

Boxxy nude fake

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The Boxxy Story. Wednesday, 21 January The Fall of Boxxy. After an epic two week struggle, an explosive final day seems to have brought an end to the most bizarre and controversial net saga for some time. Hell, even if you followed the whole thing this will still sound like nonsense. The particulars of this final event took place over 2 days 17thth Jan on several threads on 4chan, which often ran simultaneously so were hard to follow, with the real crux occurring in private chat rooms beyond the view of this writer, thereby creating much confusion and the need to speculate.

This entire case demonstrates some rather brutal realities of current internet culture, with lessons for all of us. Boxxy is now a meme. After her Youtube account was attacked, a CBRC file was leaked onto 4chan by a defector, containing much of their research. A sudden new burst of information appeared. The discovery of a much earlier Youtube account was the breakthrough. The account has not been logged into for a year. Boxxy in December Anyway, initial doubters that this more reserved, eyeliner free girl was indeed Boxxy were quickly dismissed with a CSI style visual match that virtually confirmed it.

Click to see. From the information on the old Youtube, a Myspace account was found. The current version of the account seems to be wiped clean, with the username changed to keyboard gibberish. However, Boxxy was caught out again, this time by the Google cache which stored the page as it appeared in Novemberas well as the first page of photos.

The photo page was filled with art relating to Gaiaonline - including the user MoldyLunchboxx. A direct match. These pages also suggest, with a high certainty, that Boxxy - for two solid weeks the target of constant sexually orientated comments, death threats and general aggressive unpleasantries posted all over 4chan and Youtube, is not the variously quoted 22, 21 or 18, but only 16 years old.

An unfortunately prescient statement from Boxxy's old Myspace. To add to the confusion, there are at least 2 more Myspace accounts belonging to Boxxy, all of them locked out with radically altered info. One of these was last visited January 6th, which matches the date she posted her own photos on 4chan. However the final knockout blow was not in these cached Myspace pages, but another website I will not be specific which allowed those tracking her to find her full name, from which the hackers presumably deduced her email address.

The OP claimed to be at the same school as her, but in Collierville, Tennessee, in the face of substantial ties to California. One of the suspicious posts.

Accusations began to fire. Just who would want to try and throw people off the trail and confuse them, and who would have a new, large photo of her? Boxxy herself, or a close accomplice was the consensus. They must have caught wind of her full name being found, and merely be attempting to mitigate the damage by stirring the pot with false leads. Multiple alleged addresses and phone numbers were posted on a thread. I am unaware of what the poster was basing his claims on. There then followed some absurd and disturbing posts by people who claim to live nearby, saying they were going to drive over and take a look.

We have no way of verifying if they were telling the truth, or if any of the claimed locations were in any way accurate but the mere possibility of this is shocking indeed. Thankfully, these were almost certainly fake - one of the addresses was a mall, one of the phone numbers was for a chiropractor.

apologise, but, opinion

Yes, this actually happened Within a couple of hours, CBRC had breached her Youtube account, via successfully guessing the secret answer for her email account, deduced from the stack of information they uncovered.

Or phishing her with a fake email, depending on who you listen to. They then made her videos private, uploading a video warning her to never post another video again.

This attracted comments within an hour and became the most commented video of the day on Youtube. So that brought it to an end, in theory. Vengeance is promised.

Tip: nothing will happen. For some reason, the hackers videos were then removed, with the original videos restored. On January 20th, the boxxybabee account was suspended.

They probably won't. No, not really.

To Help us and for a better experience, we recommend disabling the ad blocker. Jun 28, Board index Amateur Photoshop Porn Fakes Request Photoshopped Fake Nudes/Porn; Chat; Please fake Boxxy/Catie. Test your photoshop skills. Looking for a girl to photoshop nude? Post your requests/view requests here! Forum rules No under age fakes 18+ girls only REPORT RULE BREAKING CONTENT TO ABUSE[AT] Nov 27, CumOworldparadebooks.comintedPics Post your girls to get cum tributed, COCK tribute and photoshop faked nude! All your tributeme 24/7 fun. Skip to content. Please Fake Boxxy / Catie Wayne. Attachments png ( MiB) Viewed times png ( MiB) Viewed times.

By essentially martyring the Boxxy meme, CBRC have simply created a new groundswell of people willing to troll with her image, as well as genuine resentment at their actions. The actions of CBRC present some moral conundrums. Their methods could be construed as either harmless net detective work to eliminate the account of someone that was being used as a means of ruining the online experience of many people, or flat out highly invasive stalking.

It is taken far too seriously. A girl made some videos for her friends on Gaiaonline, which became popular through no fault of her own. She then did what most people would do, and responded to this intense interest with another innocent and harmless video. What could go wrong? Now she has her name, age, dozens of photos, school, internet accounts, alleged phone numbers, and alleged location available online, along with the details of several uninvolved friends.

Nobody could have predicted she would create so much chaos, not least Boxxy herself. She had no idea what she was getting herself into by posting a response video. But then we must ask, so what?

Is it really that important? Again, the internet is taken too seriously, by all parties especially me. The CBCR warning. Will Boxxy return? Not likely, if she has any sense. If she does, she will likely cause herself substantial unnecessary hassle. The lesson for all of us here, obvious as it is, is to think about what you divulge online. Is your Myspace secure? Is your Facebook account private? What forum accounts contain your details, and can they be traced and linked to each other?

Everything you write online can potentially be linked, as if it were a jigsaw, and a profile of your life built up. I know plenty of people who have publicly viewable Facebook accounts containing their D. B, phone numbers, emails, addresses, places they work, go to college and so on. This is lunacy. This is asking for trouble. We could commend, but it looks like little more than empty gesture on their part.

Realistically, they have to say that, to appear rational and humane in the face of a situation they explicitly helped develop. It is the following quote from their statement that lays it out:.

question Excellent idea

I don't care if it sounds arrogant, but if you look through our now-leaked dox, you can see that everything that was found on 4chan was found by us beforehand.

There is much scope for speculation here. In my view, CBRC were the only people who had enough interest left to want to pursue information on Boxxy. If so, the sad conclusion of this episode is entirely their fault.

share your

They say there is no reason to ruin her personal life, but if someone does, they facilitated it. Yes, it is possible that Anonymous would have uncovered all of her information on their own, but much less likely, owing to the number of bans being handed out for discussing her, the waning interest in her, and the overall lack of organization of Anonymous. If she had simply not released any more videos and CBRC state they did not believe she would release any more, based on the reaction to her Jan 9th videoand CBRC had done nothing, interest would have taken its natural course towards the exit, and she would have retained her privacy.

Give people anonymity, and they become de-individuated, whether it be on an image board or in a rioting mob. The same internet machine that could propel you to the top of the Youtube charts and hand you online fame will happily chew you up and spit you back out just as quickly, with zero remorse or consideration for the consequences.

This is the reality of the internet today, this case is not the first, and surely not the last. Catie, at least, well and truly learnt the power of the world wide web. Somehow, I doubt that will be of much consolation to her. There are a succession of imposter accounts on Youtube.

A few examples of fakes:. And of course:. The fakes are very poorly written and contain numerous flaws. Posted by Byzantinist at IxidorNiv 21 January at Unknown 21 January at Anonymous 21 January at Andrew 21 January at Anonymous 22 January at Unknown 22 January at Eyrev 22 January at TinkersDam 22 January at Unknown 23 January at Diana 23 January at Anonymous 24 January at Unknown 24 January at ThatOneGuy 25 January at ReMtOwN 25 January at Anonymous 25 January at Unknown 25 January at Bobbo 25 January at In JanuaryWayne recorded two videos addressing her friends on Gaia Online and uploaded them to YouTube under the alias boxxybabee.

They were reposted to the site i-am-bored. Wayne responded to the popularity of her initial videos in a third video that was uploaded to her new YouTube channel, boxxybabeein January The videos depict Wayne in heavy eyeliner [3] [4] [5] rambling in an excitable stream of consciousness style about various topics and experiences.

The presence of the videos was divisive on 4chanwith factions claiming to either support or oppose Boxxy, leading to various flame wars and hacking incidents. She was left out of the top list because her videos were relatively new at the time. Wayne replaced Princess Leia's speech with her own request for her fans' help in regaining access to her old account, boxxybabee. On January 10,she posted a new, more introspective video [11] onto a new YouTube account ANewHopeee [12] in which she explains that Boxxy is a made-up character and that she acts.

This video caused some discussions on its authenticity. On June 17,Wayne made a third YouTube account Bodaciousboxxy and continued uploading videos of herself. InWayne lent her voice to BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storman indie role-playing game satirizing various cts of internet culture.

She is credited with both conceptualization and voice-over work as the game's protagonist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 26 March Not to be confused with Boxy.

American Internet celebrity, vlogger and voice actress. Retrieved December 22, -

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Archived from the original on July 25, Retrieved July 26, The Globe and Mail.

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