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Can carrot top nude have thought and

Carrot Top: My Buff Days are OVER! - TMZ

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Retrieved 6 April Orlando Magazine.

Has Carrot Top Had Surgery?

Retrieved Archived from the original on Comedy Central. Luxor Las Vegas. Archived from the original on 24 September Retrieved 30 September Retrieved 3 April Archived from the original on 5 June Funny Or Die. Categories : births Living people American stand-up comedians American male comedians American male film actors American male television actors American television personalities Florida Atlantic University alumni People from Rockledge, Florida Prop comics People from Cocoa, Florida 20th-century American comedians 21st-century American comedians Las Vegas shows.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carrot Top in January Stand-up comedytelevisionfilm.

He was fine for a high school actor which means he was just okay. It was his first play ever. He later went to Gustavus Adolphus for college in St. I lost track of him as a friend after that but I saw him do guests hots on shows like "Ellen" and "Seinfeld" and then he got his big parts on "Sports Night" and "Six Feet Under. Lenny kravitz showering at the Y. He was in town for something back in the 90's.

I didn't want to stare and there were a bunch of queens deciding they suddenly needed to shower even though they just got out of the shower. He continued to shower oblivious to the gawkers.

Watch Carrot Top Naked porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Carrot Top Naked scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Carrot Top & Plastic Surgery. These days many people are asking whether Carrot Top has had cosmetic surgery. Carrot Top is a world famous comedian who specializes in prop comedy and self-deprecating humor. Some of the leaked vids includes Carrot getting naked and you can see his big penis!!!! From to , Carrot Top was the continuity announcer for Cartoon Network, for which he produced and also starred in an early morning show on called Carrot Top's AM Mayhem for 2 years. Wait till you see the photo gallery showing the nude vids!

He's hotter nowadays than he was back then. I saw Steven Spielberg at a schvitz in Los Angeles. Decent body, slightly pudgy with middle age spread, furry.

Had no problems removing his towel once inside the sauna, legs spread, resting on the benches. From what I could see, an average length but very thick. Seemed to be showing off. You had me believing it was true up until you said he was showering. This never happened. Lenny doesn't shower, especially in the 90s. R it was a couple of years ago but I think it was City Spa a friend was a member and he got me a pass when I was in town visiting.

Chris Meloni was mentioned at the start of the thread. I think it's strange, considering that the general public had seen him naked in "Oz" but I suppose there is a big difference between seeing a celeb on a fictional program versus seeing them in real life and in person.

Saw Will Arnett recently in the steam room of the Equinox. Surprisingly muscular body. Broad shoulders. Does the towel dance getting dressed, but dropped it in time to show off a meaty ass. Had worked at a hotel in the western US for a few years and saw a few celebs, usually in the evening when they asked for a late dinner in their room after a long day. Saw John Barrowman when he was in town for some event.

Kevin Costner when he was there for a golf tournament usually ordered late meals and tipped very well; would often answer the door in a robe or towel. The guys from that "Ghost Hunters" show who were investigating a nearby location the bald fat guy was rude and obnoxious to most of the staff, the other guys were nice and polite and would order small, simple meals when they came back late.

Nice stories but this is a celebrities youve seen naked thread. This thread is boring. Most of the people are just listing names, or if they provide details, they're not the interesting kind. Paint us a picture! I realize you seem to define "men" as having beefy, hairy chests, but by your logic should we have not even found ourselves good looking without common chest hair and a paunch? I'd agree with Calling Broderick's upper body, "gorgeous" is a stretch to me.

He doesnt seem to have much of an upper body at all. Just looks like a skinny guy. But to each his own. Sorry, that was a body double. You see a naked guy outside the window in a thunder storm. Wasn't a secret about the double either. Google if you don't believe. John Barrowman - very nice body, obviously keeps himself in shape and bit of an exhibitionist. Kevin Costner - another exhibitionist, liked to answer his door in a robe or only a towel.

Oct 19, Carrot Top, Scott Thompson, Well hung? Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by , Oct 16, Most Liked Posts. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Guest:tongue:Hey, I met Carrot top recently and he was just adorable, I heard there was something on this site about him but can't find it. Any rumors on Scott's celebrity endowments or.

Decent body, very nice cock from what could be seen seemed like he almost always had a semi. Could see a hard on lurking underneath a couple of times. Big, thick. Grant, had a surprisingly nice body though on the skinnier side, very long cock but not v thick.

Dave shared suite with another GH crew membervery nice body though not very muscular, nice cock, thick and saw it hard a couple of times. Both he and Grant were nice, friendly, liked to make small talk. Adrian Pasdar. Pissing at a urinal in the restrooms at a fundraiser.

He caught me looking and turned towards me and whipped his dick around, smacking it on the palm of his hand a couple times. He seemed a bit irritated and had this expression on his face like "did you get a good enough look, jerk?!

He was uncut and his dick was fat and VERY dark. Good story especially if it's true. And it was worth seeing Adrian Pasdar's fat uncut cock. I saw Matt Damon's bare butt on my tv the other night.

The reason why these are boring to you is that we didn't see them in porn movies or while having sex with them so we could get a long lingering look at their junk and memorize the details: we only saw them fleetingly in urinals or in gym locker rooms or in dressing rooms. When you just get a quick look at a famous guy nude, you're not going to lingering on the various details "I'd better stash away whether he had low hangers or not or whether he had a big bush or not in case some fetishist I know later asks on an electronic gay gossip forum!

R I agree. I managed to remember more of the incident with Adrian Pasdar because of the fact that my looking st his cock pissed him off. His reaction was very "fuck you" but his presentation did manage to give me a good enough look at his dick.

I wouldn't have guessed him to have such a dark piece of meat, but now that I know he is of middle eastern descent it makes sense. I've never liked him or watched his TV series. I only knew who he was because he was there with his wife who is one of the Dixie Chicks.

I stutter Some posters will add details if asked. I agree that just posting a name is boring, though. So everyone please post as much as you observed.

R, always got the sense that Adrian was gay. His wife with her new butch lesbian haircut isn't helping their image, either. Regarding JFK Jr.

Very cruisy. Nice bod, but his complexion looked like a fruitcake that exploded in the oven. I think he wore a lot of makeup, like his dad. Any talk on David Hyde Pierce? I know he's long-partnered, but he was so cute in his, 'Frasier' days. Some one claimed to have meet DHP through Craiglist for a afternoon fling. Perhaps they can provide some info! Furry beast. He was too gaunt there for a while but as it appears he's been snacking on a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he looks so much better.

Uncut, and smelled that way. I saw the guy who played Lisa Kudrow's husband in The Comeback naked at the gym about a year ago. Tall and lean guy, smooth chest but hairy balls and ass. Cock average sized flaccid but thick. He's be at least 20 years older than me but I would definitely go there.

Tom Hiddleston, at a London gym, coming out of a shower. Very, very thin, and not in a good way. Very bad skin. Does not have an especially large dick IMO. Also saw Jeremy Irons some years ago, different gym. He looked like a cadaver. Very, veryvery skinny and carved out, very narrow frame. Very sallow.

Smallish dick, and it was really pink. No hair, just really red all over. It was the stuff that makes grown men and women fall to their knees weeping tears of joyous thanksgiving and singing the Lord's Prayer in three languages:. Rather famous openly gay man from England, who has suggested gay actors should stay in a closet, in a raunchy club in London, standing there many guys around sucking him.

I didn't, too many mouths already I thought. Oh for Heaven's sake, do you have any idea how big seven inches is?

Oct 06, The comedian Carrot Top. Showering at the gym after a workout. This was before all the steroids and plastic surgery, when his only defining characteristic was his mop of red hair. Super white skin. Plain facial features. Small dick. Watch Carrot Top Nude porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Carrot Top Nude scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Jun 27, Scott Thompson, better known by his stage name Carrot Top is a comedian, actor, and writer who is best known for his prop comedy acts, his bright red hair, and his self-deprecating humor. In the '90s, Carrot Top became the highest grossing touring comedian in America. Though he's has over two decades of experience in show business and a large fanbase, here are some things his fans might Author: Anny Jules.

And soft? Maybe the water was really, really cold here. Great Body and nice Dick I've see Tony Goldwyn at the gym 20 years ago. Beautiful body, great ass and nice dick David Carradine tall skinny with a long thin dick Bryan Cranston back when he was on a soap.

Nice body, very pretty ass and nice cut dick. John Leguizamo at the gym. Average body and dick but perfect ass. Denis O'Hare at my old gym in Brooklyn. White Irish skin, lean and buff body. Very furry. Lots of reddish-brown body hair with a nice thick bush that was more red than brown. Tiny erect pink nipples. Beautiful cut cock, a bit bigger than average, maybe 7", curves up a bit.

A truly glorious white ass. Brian J Smith, of Stargate fame. Very hot. We hooked up a few times when he was in Atlanta a couple years ago filming the Coma miniseries. Very active Grindr user. Hottie Brian Smith is on Grindr almost daily in Manhattan. Doesn't show his face on there, of course, but it's well known. He's slutty.

Yes I am a man. And when I walked by him on the beach, he was stroking. So I gave him a helping hand and he gave me one. It was a gay nude beach You mean the same Stephen Dorff who was full frontal in "Shadowboxer" almost fully hard wearing a condom? Easy to find in online. He is very average. In fact, he is only 5'5" tall so if he were nine inches, it would be down to his knees.

Some of you people have vivid imaginations. Ed Koch about 15 yrs ago. Fat, out of shape, walked around naked and loved to sit on the bench and watch the hot guys get dressed for work. Saw him taken out in an ambulance twice maybe he got too excited?

He didn't have an ID, R Just a torso pic. And he might have calmed down a bit, because I think he has a bf now. And he's in the acclaimed Glass Menagerie revival on Broadway with Quinto, so maybe he's laying low.

Carrot top nude

I recall someone mentioning on DL several years ago that they saw Brokaw in an airport men's room and said that he looked big. That's the only way that affected, arrogant DTM could get where he is.

Seth Meyers, gym in NYC. Nice body, very little body fat not sure if he's naturally that way or works at it.

Average sized cock, cut. R, it was at Crunch. He had a nice ass, not a bubble butt, more flat but with no flab. Wasn't shy about getting changed. I saw Gary Shandling. It was not a pleasant experience. Especially since it was like 2 months ago. R laugh all you want. It was on a secluded nude beach between Santa Barbara and Solvang Seth occasionally trained at David Barton. I've only seen him in a towel. But he does have huge ham-sized calves, I know this much.

R, you can't really see his asshole in that scene. Never wore underwear so when he tried things on in wardrobe his hairy bush always jumped out at you unlike Michael Shanks who shaved everything. Saw Lou Christie at a locker room at Russian gym in nyc, built like a football player, huge in every way. Strong, couldn't take my eyes off him and his big legs and moose dick. Steven Spielberg in a steamroom in LA. Was in surprisingly good shape but with a slight pudge, moderately hairy.

Nice cock on the thick size, big tight hairy balls. A few glimpses of Kevin Costner in the locker room of a golf resort in Colorado. Not shy walking to and from the locker room and showers. Big cock, not porn star huge but would say bigger than average.

Steven Spielberg is hideous looking. He has never been even remotely attractive and gets worse with each passing year. John Bolger, nephew of Ray Bolger. In the '80's Joy of Movement on Lafayette St.

He was not shy at all. Those were the days when men were not afraid of being naked in all their glory. He is an actor and I think he was on a soap opera then. Bruce Jenner. He had great body and one would expect, and his dick is cut and average to slightly above. But it wasn't thick like I like them to be.


Because it was the late eighties, he was very hairy and unshaven. I'm female. He was still in college at the University of Texas at the time but told me he would be a famous football player. He told me to call him Tracey. He got naked and I Was shocked at what a muscular body he had. His ass muscles I rimmed him were two huge mounds of hard muscle. I swallowed his load. He was very nice and thanked me.

Told me he would be there same time the next day. I did not see him because I was only there for a wedding and had to fly home to NY the next day. Many interesting thiings about him on google. Half Italian and Polish. That should say it all. OMG Ricky Williams was a huge crush for me 15 years ago!! Would you say that he seemed gay and closeted, or more likely bi? I know he's always been in relationships with women and he's married now, but I know that doesn't mean that he must be straight.

Now I understand why he speaks so longingly about his short time with the Saints when he lived in a super bachelor pad in the Quarter. Gay Heaven!! R I was like "is that really BSM? He looks white. As he was getting dressed, I asked "Are you who you look like?

I'm Charles Manson. Was about to piss in the bathroom and all of a sudden secret service cam in. Martin's cock. Eric Roberts is well hung and not shy about showing it off. He came into a men's sauna and made himself quite comfortable years ago. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

2, Carrot Top stock pictures and images

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Mark McKinney, Kid in the Hall, in the shower. Wait who has seen Owain Yeoman naked? More details, more details, please!! Barry Tubb in "Sweet Sue" on Broadway. Peter Krause Six Feet under in my high school dressing room for a play. Enormous dick. Super white skin. Plain facial features. Small dick. John Travolta, stepping out of the shower while at the spa.

In the summer of He's also friendly and talkative in the steam and sauna. Jonathan Bennett - dated him for awhile. We're looking for more than just names here! We want details. He looka like a man. The former mayor of my city. Very hairy scrotum. Helen Lawson in a cab on Seventh Avenue. I was immediately struck blind with cataracts. That was pretty lame, r Care to tell us what the curse of the gays is? JB, R10? You a guy?

I think he is divorced r He did say "heLLO. The "curse of the Irish" is all bags, no pipes. Tom Welling - not as big as you would have guessed. All balls. Zac Efron - eh, not impressed. Jonathan Groff - not impressed. Jeremy Piven. Good size, thick circumcised dick.

He used to have a really hairy chest in his earlier movies. Where did you see Jeremy, R31? Was it in a locker room? I hate myself for finding him attractive. And the whole world knows he has an average dick He's normal size, actually.

Stop expecting every guy to be hung like Jeff Stryker. Also saw singer Billy Dean. Nice body, big, wide ass, trimmed bush, small-ish dick. R20, yeah I am a guy. He is definitely gay not bi. Freddie Mercury naked in bed while I fucked him.

David Charvet. That's enough, charlie. Details please. Was he already hairy in high school? Go fuck yourself R40 :. Stephen Amell - average to small but it got really hard. His stage name, Carrot Topcomes from his bright red hair which he is well known for. Additionally, Carrot Top has also become the center of celebrity plastic surgery speculation due to his heavily altered appearance. There has been a great deal of speculation as to whether or not he really has become the victim of bad plastic surgery.

Though there have been many rumors on the internet, official information is incredibly hard to come by.

From to , Carrot Top was the continuity announcer for Cartoon Network, for which he also produced and starred in an early morning show called Carrot Top's AM Mayhem from to As of , he headlines at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas and performs various comedy engagements when his show is not playing. k Followers, Following, 3, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Carrot Top (@carrottoplive)3K posts. Find high-quality Carrot Top stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else.

Some people say that he is victim of too many plastic surgery operations and that his new appearance is freakish. Is he yet another case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong? Several rumored treatments that Carrot Top may or may not have received are Botox injections, brow lift surgery, and even laser resurfacing treatment. The reason being that his facial structure has changed quite dramatically and he now features a completely different eyebrow structure as well as differences around the eyes.

Because of these radical changes Carrot Top has somewhat been lumped in with other speculated plastic surgery jobs such as Marlo Thomas and Barry Manilow. Consequently this has fuelled many unsubstantiated rumors on the subject. The most common of these is the set showing his face during and Another interesting thing about recent pictures of Carrot Top is the fact that he now has the physique of a bodybuilder.

Carrot Top was once a rather slim, somewhat skinny individual but is now bulked up with sizable pecks, biceps, shoulders and lats. This has fuelled rumors of steroid use but once again this is has not been proven since Carrot Top has only joked about it.

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