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The Life of Cho Chang Explained

Harry Potter knew of only a few ways to relieve stress, and he thanked Hermione for suggesting a long soak in the Prefect's tub. His map and cloak lay discreetly hidden behind a stall, but close enough to grab in case of an unexpected visitor. He had just stepped into the tub when he began to drift in thought. Thoughts of what happened with Cho Chang clouded his mind. He tried to clear it, but nothing ruins a bath like thinking of his problems. He relished even less remembering what latest injustices Umbridge and Snape could think up for him.

Involuntarily, she embraced him, and he put his arms around her.

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They sat there for a while in each other's arms, simply letting out their anger and their pain. Kiss me? Their previous kisses were chaste and awkward, but the need was too great, their desire too powerful.

Her beautiful dark eyes gleamed as an idea entered her mind, "I don't think so" Harry barely had time to gasp as Cho pulled off her robes and undid her shirt. Harry was unable to breathe, staring at her slim body and her black brassiere. She blushed at his gaze, "You're not bad yourself. You can look away, you know" He returned her smile and stepped back into the tub, casting his towel aside.

He squeezed his eyes shut, not daring to look. Cho giggled as she finished undressing, finally sliding into the tub with a sigh. While most of her was underwater, seeing her cream-colored shoulders, pale throat, and the tops of her round breasts was quite enough to make Harry hyperventilate.

Mother hen of the house, she is. Whatever you might have heard, there's nothing between us". The other student laughed, "For me it was Anthony Goldstien. He managed to beat off Michael Corner". Without warning she hugged him again, her warm naked body pressing against Harry. His erection grew as he felt her in his arms, kissed her on the cheek. Cho looked down to see Harry's arousal under the water, only to blush. Summoning up his courage, Harry took her ear in his mouth, sucking and nibbling.

In response, she began to suck on his neck, tenderly catching his flesh in her lips. They kissed again, Harry taking in her tongue, unafraid and unconcerned. The only thing that mattered now was himself and the beautiful girl in front of him. Her nails traced the outline of his shoulder blades, his palms caressing her own back.

Cho lay her head on his shoulder closing her eyes in contentment. Naked in a bath with Harry Potter; it was an enviable place for any girl in her mind, but she felt alive and loved again for the first time in that year.

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For once she was truly happy. And judging by Harry's eager nuzzling of her soft neck to such an extent that he took off his glasses; it looked as if Harry had finally become the bright, sprightly boy that she first fell for.

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To simply feel you? Whenever there was a game, I'd imagine what you'd look like without your outfit, you riding something other than your broom with that kind of intensity" she responded with a nibble. Harry gd as she tweaked and twisted and licked his chest, rubbing it with her long, wonderful hair. He could only grab a handful and kiss it as she tormented him. The pleasure only intensified as Cho plunged a hand into the water, groping around his pubic hair, his thighs until finally grasping his prick.

Harry gd and nearly slammed his head against the wall as he writhed under her unskilled but effective touch. Her nails scraped slowly on his retracting foreskin, exposing the head beneath to her wonderful fingers. Too hard. Did I overdo it? Here" With that, she grabbed his sinewy hands and placed them on her partially-underwater breasts. Both teenagers shuddered as the contact. Taking a deep breath, Harry began to caress her breasts, marveling at their softness and sensitivity.

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She shuddered in his grasp, throwing her head back. He went for her exposed neck, sucking on it, planting marks next to his old ones.

Arching, Cho heaved herself out of the tub so to expose her flesh to the waist. Harry's mouth moved down her neck to kiss her breasts.

He blew on her nipples playfully, and was amazed by their reaction. He kissed a dark areole, savoring the warm flesh next to his lips. She yelped at the blast of pleasure. Sensing he was on to something, he began to pull at the sensitive tip with his lips, slowly sucking more and more of her wonderful breast.

Her moans egged him on until he had the tip rubbing against the base of his tongue, his mouth engulfing her delicious flesh. Temporarily sated, Harry released his grip and moved down more, covering her abdomen with kisses. One on her belly button made her gasp, which was a cue for Harry to start licking. Cho squirmed and cooed under his ministrations. I was thinking" she trailed off as he began to stroke her sensitive thighs.

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It took a minute of frantic groping between her legs to reach her slit, but Harry consoled himself with her moans and gasps as his fingers explored her. He found it, and began to touch what felt like a nub. A choked scream was enough to tell him he had found it.

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He explored it, cautiously slipping a finger inside what felt like some opening. He wished he had spent more time on the anatomy textbooks that Hermione found for him and Ron, but remembered Ron's mixture of arousal and confusion at the drawings.

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It was more fun to explore. He poked his fingers deeper into the opening. First one set her shuddering, another caused a scream. Harry kissed his way up Cho's body as he continued fingering her, stopping at her neglected nipple to suck on it. This combination made her start to writhe. He sucked deep as he thrust two fingers at once deep into her. Cho screamed out Harry's name as she came after a minute of this. This was beyond anything she could imagine, far more powerful than her fumblings with her own fingers.

This was heaven, courtesy of the boy who loved her. She fell forward into his arms, body slipping from his mouth and fingers to lean on his shoulder.

They simply held each other for a while, while their energy was slowly recovered. With that, she began to rub her soft hips against Harry's erection. He returned her kisses fervently, his hands moving down her smooth sides to her hips. I am sharing this story on special request.

And this is not my story.

Cho chang nudes

He feels the back of his head as he looks around the room. A partial sense damping charm did not allow the wizard to see, hear, or smell. Hermione lay stretched out naked along her favorite wizard, her well licked cunny pressed against his thigh. While Cho was a virgin she did not have a hymen given how much time she spent on a broomstick recently. Suddenly a vial of potions appeared floating in the air above Ginny and Cho. Glowing letters instructed the witches to drink.

The potion is polyjuice meant to make you look like Nym. Cho downed the vial and briefly two copies of Nymphadora Tonks were visible before the two females focused on older versions of themselves.

Ginny became an astoundingly beautiful redhead. Harry was a sexual dynamo with two witches to pleasure. A surge of lust ran through the two witches as the aura Harry put out flared.

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The Asian witch returned the favor. Moans, grunts, whimpers, gasps, the sound of flesh impacting flesh and dozens of other sounds filled the room. Ginny was now lying flat on her back staring wantonly up at the still connected Harry and Cho while the Ravenclaw young woman was on her hands and knees being shafted from behind.

This new position allowed Harry to angle his thrusts so that his dick stimulated the most sensitive parts of Cho. The brunette could feel an orgasm building in her belly and could tell it was going to be phenomenal. Through his connection with her mind the Rider knew exactly where Cho liked being stimulated.

Read Harry Potter Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang - Free Sex Story on! The two witches practically pounced on the wizard. Cho's lips found Harry's mouth in a hungry kiss as the Rider. Cho lay her head on his shoulder closing her eyes in contentment. Naked in a bath with Harry Potter; it was an enviable place for any girl in her mind, but she felt alive and loved again for the first time in that year. For once she was truly happy.

The witch gd as she felt magic tingling in her anus. But before you throw away all your Harry Potter films in disgust you should know that while whoever this is looks remarkably like Rupert, he and his spokespeople have categorically stated that this is not him but rather a young lookalike.

The eccentric Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect choice for the twisted character, Bellatrix Lestrange, who appeared in the final four Harry Potter films between and Helena has had an incredibly successful film career and was even made a CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire in for her services to drama. But even super successful stars like Helena are not immune to bad moments. No, just like the rest of us, they sometimes take things a little too far. But unlike us, if they are caught by the paparazzi, everyone is going to know about it.

Harry Potter Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang

Bonnie Wright actually auditioned for the role of Ginny Weasley after her brother said that she reminded him of the character in the Harry Potter books. Someone else must have seen this as well because she beat out thousands of other girls for the role. Her role started small, but she had a more central part in the last few films. People associated her character with someone sweet and innocent, so when these snaps of her on holiday with an unnamed suitor surfaced inthey were very surprised.

Maybe this guy was just helping her get over the heartache? Long before he blew all his money, Devon had already created controversy. Ina picture of the then year-old smoking on the set of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire hit the media. And it was a frenzy. The problem was that the agent who would later sue him was nowhere to be found and fans and parents were voicing their disgust with these pictures of a young child smoking.

The agent has been out of the country at the time with family problems and by the time he returned the damage was already done. Devon and his mom were so angry that they fired the agent. Just goes to show you what a difference puberty can make. All we can say is that he grew up well, really well.

And for the most part, he seems like a decent person as well. These pictures were snapped during a get-together of a number of the young stars from the film series and show him drinking from a large bottle of cider.

The Yule Ball - Harry Potter

Wonder how he felt the following day.

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