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It was written and directed by Joss Whedon and first broadcast on January 20, It is part two of a two-part story. Part one, " Surprise ". After making love with Buffy , Angel is racked with pain as his soul is ripped from him. In the street, he kills a passer-by when she offers to help him.

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The entity known as "Twilight" apparently existed in some form since the creation of Earth. The Watchers Council were aware of it, and spoke of a prophecy in which a Slayer would change everything in the world and be granted the power of a god, as well as the chance to bring about the birth of a new world: Twilight.

In the 's, it appeared as though the Twilight prophecy may come to pass; the Watchers were so afraid that thirty members of the Council committed mass suicide.

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When they discovered the truth was the opposite, they appropriated an interdimensional vehicle and made plans to evacuate the Earth dimension completely. The prophecy was finally set in motion in the early 21st century when current Slayer Buffy Summers and her friend Willow Rosenberg awakened Potential Slayers around the world, turning them into fully-powered Slayers.

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By shifting the balance of power in the world so drastically, Buffy had proven herself as the Slayer spoken of in the Twilight prophecy, believed to be the "next step up the metaphysical ladder. As the "yin to her yang," Buffy's vampire ex-boyfriend Angel was also chosen for this purpose.

Some time following the restoration of Los AngelesAngel was contacted by Twilight, communicating through vessels such as humans and animals. It convinced him that in order to protect the world from an inevitable apocalypse involving Buffy's recently-created army of SlayersAngel would have to adopt the "Twilight" persona and become Buffy's enemy to prevent the entire world from going through what Los Angeles did during the Fall.

Angel, who had recently received god-like abilities, reluctantly agreed to work for the entity.

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As Twilight, Angel believed he had to unite the anti-Slayer terrorist forces in a single cabal under his leadership and minimize the resulting destruction they would cause. His other objective was to become the focus of Buffy's anger and power so that she would meet her true potential. Angel was naturally reluctant to deceive Buffy, but was eventually convinced by his old ally Whistler that not doing so would result in Earth's destruction.

Adopting a leather costume which masked his face, Angel recruited various factions to his anti-Slayer army; these included human members of the United States military such as General Voll and Riley Finndemon evolutionists such as Pearl and Nashand Buffy's existing enemies, Amy Madison and Warren Mears. Angel attacked Buffy as "Twilight" and told her that activating the Slayers was a mistake, and that she would suffer as a result; he told his followers that he had to strip Buffy of her moral certainty in order to defeat her.

He orchestrated various global assaults on the Slayer organization, including a mystical missile attack on their Scottish base and the demonic Swell in Japan.

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During the battle against his army, Buffy's Twilight powers were finally activated; she immediately used these powers to attack "Twilight," who had kidnapped her allies Rupert GilesFaith Lehaneand Andrew Wellsand was horrified when she unmasked him as Angel. Furious at his actions over the previous months, Buffy immediately tried to kill Angel, but his invulnerability protected him long enough for him to explain his behavior.

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He told her that there was a divine reason why they love each other and encouraged her to give in to that love. A glow begins to overtake them, seeming to drug them and taking away Buffy's ability to fight against it.

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With Twilight urging them on, Buffy and Angel gave in to their passions; they had powerful airborne sex which caused them to smash through mountains, fly into outer space, travel through time, and even break through the walls of reality. Buffy and Angel's love making was the catalyst needed to give birth to the Twilight dimension.

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