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Buffy and Spike Part 4

One of the most beloved, interesting, and utterly captivating characters in the celebrated Buffyverse was Faith. Played by Eliza Dushku, Faith was the Slayer who appears next in line to replace Kendra after she dies in season two. After arriving in season three, she works closely with Buffy, but it quickly becomes difficult for two Slayers to co-exist. Soon enough, Faith turns to the dark side and loses the trust of the Scooby Gang. That is until she arrives on the spinoff Angel in the wake of feeling remorseful for past actions and seeks the guidance of Angel to redeem herself.

One thing that rarely goes addressed by the Buffy fandom is the body count of the characters, namely Faith. For anyone curious on the number, Faith's body count is surprisingly low at At least it is low compared to her counterpart Buffy, who across the original movie, her own show, and the spinoff AngelBuffy has a body count ofwhich includes vamps, 62 demons, 6 monsters, 11 humans, 1 robot, and 1 spirit warrior.

In Faith's case, between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff Angel, Faith killed 24 vamps, 6 demons, and 4 humans. While 34 does seem like somewhat of a low number, she still has the fourth highest body count among the main Buffyverse character; behind Buffy, Angel, and Spike.

The interesting thing about the series is that it flips the script on the dynamic that the two had on Angel's live action spinoff series.

While it was on that show where Angel mentored Faith on her road to redemption, Faith did the same for Angel in their comic book series.

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During season eight of Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngel is possessed by an evil entity known as Twilight and manages to kill Giles while possessed. When Twilight leaves his body, Angel is emotionally shattered and Faith feels obligated to guide him on a road to redemption like Angel did for her years prior.

When the writing team behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer were still in the early stages of planning out season three and were developing the character of Faith, they agreed that she should be the Yang to Buffy's Ying.

Oct 19,   Eliza Dushku In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Has Sex With Zander s03e Located: Buffy the Vampire Slayer > FemmeSlash - Female/Female > Buffy/Faith (Set at the beginning of season 4. The mayor thing never happened but Angel still went away). Reeling from a rejection from Buffy, Faith receives a visit from a hobo with promises (Not one for conventional Buffy/Faith fans). Located: Buffy the Vampire Slayer > Threesomes/Moresomes: Faith won the fight with Buffy. She woke up from the coma in time to stop Buffy's plan and The Mayor ascended. He now runs Sunnydales. Faith is given Buffy and the rest of the scoobies as a gift. Pure smut with no redemption planned. Just Faith training and using the Scoobies as sex.

Writer Douglas Petrie took heavy inspiration from Elektra Natchios of Daredevil fame when crafting the character of Faith. Anyone who knows the character of Elektra can certainly see how she parallels quite directly to Faith. Similar to Faith, Elektra is a loner and a killer who forms a complex relationship with the protagonist, Daredevil, and manages to fall in love with him.

This would quickly become a running gag throughout the show where Faith would show up uworldparadebooks.comepared to a vamp fight and would need Buffy to lend her a stake. Most notably, this occurred in the season seven episode "Dirty Girls" as it would serve as Faith's first appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer since season four.

BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover Romance Buffy/Faith 9 stories ated Sep 18

In the episode, much like how their first encounter turned out, Faith asks for and takes Buffy's stake right before slaying a vampire with it in the cemetery.

In season three, while working under the tutelage of the season's Big Bad, The Mayor, she aids him by picking up a very important package for him at the airport. As a reward, he gifts her a swanky looking knife.

It was a Gil Hibben Jackal.

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While the name of the knife would seem foreign or pointless to the average viewer, the knife itself has quite some significance in the grander scheme of pop culture history. A few years after the episode aired, the knife would make an appearance in an extremely prolific movie franchise.

Apart from a mention in her origin book "Go Ask Malice" that Faith's father was an abusive alcoholic, we never get much of a glimpse at Faith's father in the Buffyverse. He tells her that he has been six months sober and asks for a second chance.

After a convincing from Angel, Faith lets her father back into her life, but soon learns that he only tracked her down because he needed her help to take a crime boss who he owes money to.

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After paying off Pat's debt, Pat insists to Faith that she's always get in trouble because she will always be a Lehane at heart. This prompts Angel to kick Pat out the house on Faith's behalf.

There are several instances throughout the history of the Buffyverse where a character was supposed to be killed off after a few episodes, but wound up expanding their time passed their expiration date.

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For example, Spike was supposed to be killed off after about four episodes, but the writing team was so fond of him that he stuck around. The episode "Bad Girls" was supposed to end with Buffy discovering Faith's body, having hung herself. Joss Whedon was so impressed with Dushku's performances leading up to the episode that he decided to keep Faith around for the remainder of season three.

What about when Tara is told?

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Sacrifice By : kmr Published : January 22, Glory offers Buffy a way to save her sister and her friends only if Buffy is willing to make a sacrifice.

Takes place at the beginning of season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.

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This is an alteration to the episode 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' season 2 episode S01E01 where Buffy is trying to deny her slayer responsibility after moving from LA. Faith Won By : justheretoread Published : June 11, Faith won the fight with Buffy. She woke up from the coma in time to stop Buffy's plan and The Mayor ascended. He now runs Sunnydales. Faith is given Buffy and the rest of the scoobies as a gift. Pure smut with no redemption planned.

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Just Faith training and using the Scoobies as sex slaves. Willow's worshipping the Goddess, but it doesn't matter, as so is everyone else. A demonic idol has an impact on the Summers' household.

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Buffy faith sex

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Buffy: Who Are You - 4x16 - Part five/eight.

Buffy and Faith get trapped in a hell dimension Faith's old Buffy crush returns when she wants it the least. Still plugging away at this. Faith shows up and Buffy questions her sexuality in regards to Faith and Cordelia. My guess would be they end up together, but what do I know?

Jan 20,   Things took a dark turn when Buffy watched Faith kill a human in cold blood. From then on, Faith and Buffy were on a course to becoming bitter enemies. Even in season seven when Faith was on the road to redemption, Buffy always kept her former foe at arms length and we never got the closure of seeing the two actually Joe Anthony Myrick. Buffy is having trouble resisting Faith. It doesn't help that the younger Slayer is acting all sane and stuff (for a change), not to mention brave, and thoughtful, and, um sexy. (AU S3 BtVS). Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Buffy The Vampire Slayer scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.
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