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Why You Don't Enjoy Anything (anhedonia)

Please refresh the page and retry. Some months ago I met another woman through work and, following a lot of texting, we ended up having sex. It is very exciting. My wife is getting concerned. How can I get back my old sex life with my wife and keep things good with my girlfriend? And you want that to continue. T his may be because sex with a lover is novel, taboo and exciting.

Sex just always seems to be a chore and it always feels uncomfortable. I use to love watcing porn and could get off just watching the first 2 minutes, now I can sit through a whole porn and not even get turned on.

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Doctors don't seem to listen or understand. I don't feel right, how do I deal with this problem?

5 Biggest Reasons Women Don't Enjoy Sex

Thank you. They cut and sliced your nerves down there.

Jul 04,   While some men having an affair are able to have sex with both wife and girlfriend; many others enjoy sex with their lover, but experience difficulties with their wife (either they can't get/stay Author: Dr Petra Boynton. You don't enjoy because your boyfriend is not able to find erogenous zones for women, at least, he can't find what is good for you and that is why you can't feel pleasure. That is nothing bad, don't be mad at him and also you should not blame yourself. Aug 17,   Headline Why can't I enjoy sex like everyone else? I'm 38 and I'm in a good relationship. We have regular sex, but to me it feels like a box to tick rather than anything else.

Now your nerves do not function properly. Doctors can not heal this problem.

Can t enjoy sex

Possible you can try holistic ways to heal yourself. But your case could be difficult because the nerves were probally cut.

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Guest over a year ago i'm also a guy who has been having this problem, i used to be turned on all the time, then suddenly i start dating this new girl and she's wonderful, but i don't feel anything when we have sex, and sometimes i can't even tell if i'm in her save for the fact it's warm.

It's actually kind of upsetting.

I enjoy sex but I can't climax. I can only climax if it's clitoral stimulation but never penetration. I enjoy sex a lot and have had multiple partners and have tried numerous positions and all that extra stuff but I just can't. It still feels amazing, but I can't climax and I'm not the type to . May 25,   It's impossible to enjoy sex if you don't feel comfortable, whether it be physically due to an illness, or mentally due to depression, or a self-esteem hang up. So if you can't climb into bed and Author: Carolyn Steber. why can't i enjoy sex? However, I can't, and have never, fully enjoyed sex with him, although we do it frequently. I'm pretty neutral about and don't really feel anything mentally when we do it. Physically, it feels okay, but not amazing. I was a virgin before I met him so I haven't experienced sex .

I did feel some slight stimulus from switching positions but honestly it wasn't that enjoyable I actually feel completely different inside, have pain during intercourse and way less sex drive. I complain about this to my doctors constantly but get no answers and no help. How can we get in touch with each other?

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Guest over a year ago I am 32 and I have only been with 5 men in my life. I too feel nothing, no pleasure at all. Its actually painful but I've been checked and my doctors say that here is nothing wrong, no disease or infection to cause this pain. I thank God my fiance understands but I feel bad for him. I just feel very uncomfortable, its sad because I love him, love to lay with him, be with him but when it comes to sex, I just can't do it and if I try I pretend for his sake but I keep thinking I feel no desire, no anything I don't understand.

Guest over a year ago i have the exact problem! I think its emotional, cause he sort of feels the same way except he actually enjoys sex but emotional it doesnt feel right.

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I love him but im not sure how to improve our sex life, but guess wer the type of girls who really need a strong build up, adrenaline boost if you will :-P basically get your emotions on fire!! Guest over a year ago I am the same exact way. I have had sex with 7 guys and I am None of them have ever pleased me sexually.

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 months and I love him to death but sex is like a chore to me.

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And it does hurt me. Not extremely bad but it doesn't feel anyway near "amazingly pleasurable" like everyone around me seems to think. And I too get very jealous when people talk about how amazing sex is. Because I have nothing to say. I have never met a person that felt the same way as me. It makes me feel better to know there are a few out there that feel the same.

#AskBubbz - She Doesn't Enjoy Sex As Much As I Do?!

Guest over a year ago Same here. I actually only been with one man and thats my husband. I lost my virginity at age 21 with my hubby. We had sex a few times I feel a little uncomfortable during sex and sometimes different positions hurts me. My husband is trying his best to please me, thats all he wants. And I love him to death. I tell him the same Sometimes it feels good when he comes down on me but thats about it. I love being with him, love making out with him, and just love being around him.

When Should You Stop Dating Multiple People? Experts Weigh In

But it makes me so mad and fustrated that Im not blessed to have great sex But just wanting to have great sex would be wonderful. Im hoping a doctor or a sex therapy or someone could finally figure out what the problem or issue is and hopefully come up with a cure Farina over a year ago I have also only been with one person in my life I love him dearly; he is my best friend and my soul-mate.

Yet I just do not enjoy sex at all.

Aug 30,   It's not unusual for vulva-owners to go through times when they can't enjoy sex in the way they used to. In fact, it's so common in older women that a major study on the topic was recently published in medical journal changes in sexual desire and enjoyment aren't just connected with menopause - they can occur much earlier in life too. May 17,   5 Biggest Reasons Women Don't Enjoy Sex. Some women struggle to enjoy sex. It's a common and complicated issue that can make women and their partners feel isolated or less connected. Similarly, year-old Clothilde doesn't enjoy sex either. In her case, however, it is more of a physical thing than a lack of interest. She simply feels nothing when she has sex, and never really has done. "I don't enjoy sex from a physical perspective," she said.

Receiving oral sex is pretty much the best thing ever. But between worrying about how you taste and what he's seeing down there, sometimesit's hard to relax and just go with it.

Oral sex is a pretty intimate act-his face is all up in your vag, after all. So, maybe hold off until you're completely comfortable with him. Feeling super at ease with your guy will go a long way to alleviate any worries and anxieties that get in the way.

Jan 28,   How to Enjoy Oral Sex Being on the receiving end of oral sex is pretty much the best thing ever. But between worrying about how you taste and .

If you're not comfortable with receiving oral for any particular reason-like maybe because you're about to get your period any second now-then don't do it. It's these kinds of moments that can put a huge damper on the experience.

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You're your own worst enemy when it comes to oral. Obviously, he wants to go down on you, otherwise he wouldn't be doing it. Butwe get it. Ditch those negative thoughts-how you might smell or taste, whether your wax job held up, etc.

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