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She froze unable to move. He smirked and his eyes travelled the length of her almost nude body. She had slipped on a pair of panties but that was all she had on. He didn't answer but his eyes focused on her round firm breastsand solely on them. Chichi frowned and brought her arms up to cover them. Stopped staring at my breasts.

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It was always a little bit frightening to see Goku in full sayain-gin four form. His skin was still slick, maybe he had been training?

Goku frowned, "They are sleeping over at Vegeta and Bulma's tonight. Knowing them Vegeta must have refused and then they battled, each trying to one up the other and that's how he ended up super sayain-gin 4 and kid less. She was not comfortable standing naked in front of him when she was mad. She needed all her clothes and maybe a broom. He was there in an instant, blocking the entrance. A big tall wall of muscle and heat. Let's do something tonight. He needed to stop hanging out with Vegeta.

His rudeness was rubbing off on her poor sweet husband. She should have been more precise when saying that to him. Chichi jumped, her thoughts interrupted as she felt something soft against her thigh.

She looked down to see his tail wrapping itself around her leg, and then she realized just what exactly he wanted to do together. Goku frowned slightly, " You look very sexy Chichi, with your hair down, and you know whenever I see you naked I want to do it. I can't go to the movies like this Chichi. Let's do it first and then we'll go to the movies.

Was that logic he was trying to play on her? Chichi frowned, she didn't give him enough credit. When Goku wanted something he didn't give up, well neither did she. His tail wrapped around her waist, "I think it will be fun to try it like this.

Goku cut her off with a hard kiss against her lips. His tail pulled her closer to him, she could feel his hardness against her stomach, "This is not the time for arguing Chichi. Chichi was shocked to say the least. Goku rarely initiated sex. It wasn't to say that now and then they didn't have a quickie unexpectedly while the kids were at school. He had never actually planned it.


To get the house empty for the whole night, to get her good and angry. This just wasn't something Goku did. She was mad, she was pissed. She didn't like things she couldn't control.

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She didn't like the circumstances, and she certainly didn't want to have sex with him in that form. Goku didn't budgehe used one large hand to hold her hands pinned above her head. His eyes were dark and he licked his lips.

Chichi goku sex

He suckled her bottom lip ever so slightly while his hand crept up the length of her thigh. His fingers were rough and calloused but gentle. Chichi pulled away from the kiss mid-way and stared at him. He didn't say anything, instead Chichi gd as she felt the softness of his tail wrap around her thigh and pulled them open.

Relevance Goku Pics

Goku was not listening to her and she panicked. She didn't like where this was going. I can't. His lips met hers passionately. His tongue delved into her mouth, fully indulging in her sweetness. Chichi's head was swimming she couldn't concentrate when he was kissing her like that.

Goku nipped her lip lightly before he started placing small kisses along her cheeks and down her neck. He used his tongue to leave a trail of wetness from her pulse point at the base of her neck to the very tip of her large breast. Her nipples were pink and sensitive and burning for his touch. Goku suckled it using his teeth to pull on it gently. He used his other hand to bury between her legs.

His fingers were rough and calloused but gentle as he searched for her sweet spot. He gently caressed her wetness, slowly torturing her body with pleasure. Chichi moaned her breathing hitching as he slipped two fingers into her.

Goku continued to finger her, tracing ,memorizing every hot wet curve. Chichi was so caught up in the feel of his fingers and his lips that she didn't feel when his tail left her leg. She gd loudly when she felt it rub against her wetness.

Goku continued to finger her but he used his tail to brush her sensitive clit. The sensation was too much and chichi instantly tried to close her legs.

Goku kissed her again, trying to take her mind off of his invading appendage. It didn't work.

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Her mind was racing, she felt his tongue in her mouth, felt the rough tips of his fingers rubbing her sensitive wet spot and the brush of soft hair between her legs. The combination of sensation was weird and exhilarating. She moaned against his lips. She continued to grind her hips against his fingers until she couldn't move and her body felt completely satisfied. Goku chuckled, "you are so cute like that Chi," he said against her lips.

He kissed her releasing her arms from above her head.

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She didn't open her eyes instead she languished against the wall her body feeling weak. Goku scooped her up and brought her over to the bed. He laid her there and chichi opened her eyes to see him removing his clothes. The rest of his body was hairless except the lower part of his legs, his arms and his back. Chichi's breath caught as she saw his manhood. It was hard, and it looked so much bigger Goku laughed " Are you afraid Chi?

Maybe it was the ss4 form maybe she was just imaging it. But then again, Goku's body looked different and he was acting different.

Goku pulled her onto him and kissed her. He smirked and chichi felt a surge of heat run straight to her center. He was so unbelievably sexy.

Chichi and Goku Super Sayan fuck!

The way he was looking at her at the moment, caused her heart to skip several beats. Goku interrupted her thoughts with another passionate kiss. She moaned against his lip she could feel his tail running the course of her body, up her thighs against her back, between her legs.

Her back arched and her eyes closed against the rush of sensation.

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He pulled her body against him so that he could easily please her with his mouth. He used his tongue to trace the path of her wetness, suckling at her damp heated flesh. Chichi moaned unable to move as he lapped at her.

With one hand he guided his cock towards her lips, rubbing the tip against her lips seeking access. Chichi tried to shift away but she was essentially powerless. She licked the tip, running her tongue slowly over the baubles head tracing the soft lines and crevices of his cock. Goku groaned against her wet opening his tongue plunging into her. He continued to lick her there, suckling her clit gently into his lips and then running his tongue over it rapidly.

He steadied her hips when she tried to thrust backwards onto his lips.

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Chichi couldn't concentrate on just daintily licking his cock. She had managed before to avoid it, but Goku found ways to get her to do it. This was one. She couldn't move her head or her arms, he was forcing her to suck him off. She began to suck him harder as she felt her own orgasm approaching. She could taste the salty taste of his pre-cum and continued to lick as she bobbed her head.

Goku nipped at her clit biting it gently running his teeth across the sensitive flesh. Chichi was panting against his cock, both their breaths were ragged and forced. Goku pulled on her hips burying his tongue inside her as his teeth grazed her clit. Chichi moaned loudly as she was pushed over the edge. Goku tasted the rush of her juices and he came with her, carelessly thrusting his cock into her parted lips expending every bit of himself into her warm mouth.

His body was overcome with pleasure and he groaned as the aftershocks continue to rock him. They were both panting and sweaty. Goku released her and she fell back onto the bed her whole body shaking. What's taking them so long? Goku opened his mouth fully intending on telling Chi Chi where her 'delinquent' children were. The tall warrior never could get the words out because at that second, one of Gokus' hands, acting on its own accord, chose that chance while Gokus' mouth was open and Chi Chi was looking the other way to grab a couple of rice balls and stuff them in his mouth.

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Chi Chi turned around scowling to find two of her rice balls disappearing down into the bottomless pit that was otherwise known as her husbands stomach or in certain fast food cashiers circles, the scourge of Mc capsule corp. Legend has it that every Friday the fourteenth, an evil spirit from the under world would come to a Mc Capsule Corp.

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That is of course an urban legend and has never been proven. Chi Chi deepened her growling and started inching towards Goku, who was cowering in the far corner of the kitchen now. Just as Chi Chi was about to attack she was interrupted by a yell from her eldest son at the bottom of the stairs. Chi Chi looked up to find a soaking wet Gohan and a laughing Goten.

The youngest Son was running around the living room now being chased by a very angry Gohan, "Hey Gohan. Didn't you like my prank? Pranks are supposed to be clever, stealthy, or overly elaborate in some way. Waiting in the bathtub with the shower hose and spraying the next person to walk in to the room in none of those things. Dinner had gone the same as usual, every scrap of food had been eaten messily and quickly, and there had been a small food fight that Chi Chi had to break up when Trunks had flown over all the way from Capsule Corp.

That was of course canned soup if you were wondering. Trunks had been sent home after playing video games The Adventures of Larry the Bunny Rabbit in Death Land with Goten for a couple hours and Chi Chi was currently getting in her first relaxing moments of the day. She was curled up in bed with a book Cooking enough food to feed west city for not very smart people and a glass of milk. Chi Chi looked up from chapter 3 Pastas to see her husband walking into the room.

He started pulling off his training clothes before plopping himself on the bed with no sheets. The bed had to have no sheets. There was a very good reason for why the bed had no sheets. Goku walked into the master bedroom and the first thing he saw was Chi Chi kneeling beside a Giant Cake with pink icing.

Gokus' mouth began to water, it looked so yummy. Goku couldn't hold out any longer, he pounced on the bed the same way a tiger would pounce on an unsuspecting bag of catnip Strong enough for a Lion, but made for a Kitten. Chi Chi had to go out and buy a new bed the next day, and take Goku to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. Chi Chi had explained the problem to the doctor, but after a cursory examination they had found that most of the bed had already been digested.

It was found that they really put a spring in your step. Recipes for the Giant Pink Mattress Cake can be found in chapter 6 of your 'Cooking enough food to feed west city for not very smart people' along side other great baked delights such as, the ever popular Kitchen Table Cookie. Goku crawled under the sheets and snuggled into the bed. He was all ready to fall asleep when he felt his wife prod him in the back.

He turned over to look at her with a quizzical expression on his face. Chi Chi looked at her husband with a hopeful expression on her face. I thought your supposed to blink them both at once. I've never blinked my eyes separately. Maybe I do blink my eyes separately sometimes. Chi Chi have you ever seen me blink my eyes separately?

Chi Chi slapped herself in the face and groaned at her husbands childlike innocence. She guessed that she'd have to take this to the next step. You never know when some bad guy is going to come and try to kill all of us. He then turned over and flicked the lamp off, throwing Chi Chis' scowling face into the dark. Naturally this shut Goku up.

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Not because he realized that she wanted him to, but because he was now too preoccupied with thinking about cakes. The angry horny woman growled and turned over to get some sleep. It had been happening like this every night for the past four months. Maybe she should go over to Bulma's tomorrow and ask her if she had any ideas. Her last thought before she drifted off to sleep was, 'I hope he doesn't try to eat me in his sleep again.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Chi Chi wants some, but Goku's always busy training or eating.

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