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NES Longplay [039] Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip and Dale is a featured article , which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be ated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Chip and Dale are a pair of cunning and mischievous anthropomorphic chipmunk brothers [1] that made their debut in 's Private Pluto. Although they are physically similar and rarely appear separately, they each have distinct personalities and a few distinguishing physical features; Chip can be identified by his small black "chocolate chip" nose and his joined front teeth, whereas Dale has a larger red nose, two adjacent front teeth, and a tuft of hair on his head. Chip is also usually the more logical and cunning of the two, with Dale being more dim-witted and carefree. Though the duo got their start as adversaries to Mickey Mouse 's pet dog, Pluto , they would become more infamous as arch-rivals of Donald Duck , beginning with the theatrical short, Chip an' Dale. In the years that followed, Chip and Dale became some of Disney's most beloved characters.

In this decade, Chip and Dale became the leads of their own comic series. There were thirty issues in total, which ran from to The second volume was published by Gold Key and ran from to They later appeared in 's Mickey's Christmas Carolseen dancing at Fezziwig 's Christmas party in Scrooge's past.

In the s, there was an initiative to use classic Disney characters to create new properties for television. This would spawn the Disney Afternoon block, which found immense success early on with the premiere of DuckTales in The show was initially pitched by Tad Stones to star an Indiana Jones -inspired mouse character, though then-CEO of the Disney company, Michael Eisnersuggested the use of Chip and Dale so the show had established Disney characters to work with.

The show premiered on August 27, and has since become one of the most recognizable and beloved properties of Disney's television history. The show also marked the first time Chip and Dale was voiced by now-veteran voice actors Tress MacNeille and Corey Burtonrespectively.

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The two would go on to voice the chipmunks for the following decades though MacNeille will sometimes voice both. Today, Chip and Dale continue their careers as staple Disney characters, regularly appearing in media involving Mickey Mouse and his ensemble. They are also amongst the most popular and frequently utilized characters at the Disney theme parksboth in the U.

InChip and Dale were featured in a new series of comics published by Boom! Studiosas a revival of sorts for the Rescue Rangers franchise. Due to poor reception, however, the series ended after eight issues. Indevelopment was announced for a live-action film set to star Chip and Dale, which was reportedly an origin story for the Rescue Rangers. News for the project was silent untilin which it was reported that the film will be a hybrid of live-action and animation.

InChip and Dale were given their own series of made-for-television shorts titled Chip 'n' Dale's Nutty Talesa spin-off of the computer-animated children's television show Mickey and the Roadster Racers. In a episode of the anthology series entitled " The Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale ", Walt Disney was unable to host the show personally. Instead, he left a message on his tape recorder informing viewers of his arrangements to have Chip and Dale host in his place.

The chipmunks use the time to go through an old book which holds memories of their fondest exploits. They were friends of a famous retiring police dog, whose owner was framed by a crime boss for stealing a ruby.

Through the adventure to retrieve the ruby and prove the cop's innocence, they met and recruited Gadget HackwrenchMonterey Jackand Zipperforming the Rescue Rangers officially. Chip serves as the unspoken leader of the group, while Dale tends to provide most of the comic relief, though Dale does end up becoming the hero at times. Both chipmunks possess a crush on Gadget, becoming rivals for her affections.

A running gag in the show has Chip being constantly interrupted when he attempts to tell Gadget his feelings for her. The two have even been love interests themselves. Both of them apparently don't return these affections. Chip and Dale are recurring characters in Mickey Mouse Workswhere they are recast as enemies of Donald Duck once again. One of their most notable appearances in the series is in the short " Mickey's Mixed Nuts ", where the chipmunks battle Mickey Mouse someone that they didn't usually pester in past productions for the last bag of nuts at a supermarket.

The two are briefly seen several times throughout the story. In the beginning, they are seen opening their presents. They appear again when they are hit with a snowball by Huey Duck, who then gets hit back by Chip. Their next appearance occurs near the end when an object is thrown into their home and it turns out to be a bag of nuts wrapped as presents from Huey, Dewey, and Louie. In the end, they are last seen throwing away their Christmas decorations and cleaning up.

Chip and Dale have recurring roles in House of Mouseprimarily as guests at the club. Both chipmunks are seen shaking hands with Donald in the show's intro. The episode " Chip 'n' Dale " is centered around the chipmunks as they spend their evening stealing bags of nuts from the guests while evading Donald.

Related Comics:Chip 'n Dale Rescue- Ranger SlutChip n Dale- Rescue RangersChip n Dale- Bats and ChipmunksChip and Dale- Palcomix Adult Sex Online Galleries HOME. Chip'n'Dale Kapitel [Deutsch\German] Audiences: Lesbian / Yuri, Straight Sex. Content: Hentai. Meine 2. Ubersetzung. Leider hatte ich Probleme mit der Schriftgro?e, sodass sich die Schriftart an einige Stellen andert. Keine Angst, ich habe nur 2 Schriftarten verwendet, damit es nicht auf die Nerven geht. Ich hoffe nur dass die. Read Disney's Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

At the end of the episode, an advertisement is shown in which they seem to have their own storage organization where they store "everything you don't need". The duo also appears in " House of Turkey ", where Donald complains about how he can't understand what they're saying, only for Daisy to retaliate by saying that she can't understand him either.

Right after Pluto's Christmas Tree is shown, Chip and Dale pop out of a small artificial tree and catch Pluto's attention.

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Pluto starts barking at them, but in a reprise of the closing gag from the preceding short, they slap a "Do not open till Christmas" sticker over his mouth. Chip and Dale are recurring characters in this computer-animated series. They are some of Mickey's friends. Unusually, the two don't seem to have a rivalry with Donald and Pluto. Most of the chipmunks' roles in the series are minor with the exception of the episode " Goofy's Coconutty Monkey ", where they are the culprits behind the mysterious disappearance of the jungle's coconuts.

In the end, they returned their stash, thinking they were giant nuts.

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They play another significant role in the episode " Goofy's Thinking Cap " where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy need twelve nuts for Clarabelle's scavenger hunt, to which the chipmunks gladly oblige. Other versions of the duo also appear; they play the roles of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in Mickey's Adventures in Wonderlandand in some episodes where Mickey and the gang take a trip to outer space, their "Moon Men" counterparts usually appear, acting as sidekicks to Pete's "Moon Man" counterpart.

Chip and Dale first appeared in the episode " Space Walkies " where, during a voyage in outer space, Mickey and Pluto step out of their spacecraft to allow Pluto a chance to relieve himself.

After which, Mickey tries to rush Pluto back to the ship by using a miniature spacecraft resembling a frisbee disk. The disk, it turns out, is a craft owned by an annoyed Chip and Dale, who berate Mickey until Pluto instinctually attacks the chipmunks, leading to a chase through space. On the rings of a planet, however, Chip and Dale are able to elude Mickey and Pluto, giggling at their success and their adversaries' misfortune.

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In " New Shoes ", they appear alongside some of Donald's other adversaries to partake in a daily dose of tormenting Donald. They also make a cameo appearance in " Our Floating Dreams ", which is set in Thailand. Chip and Dale appear as supporting characters in the series which is a spinoff of Mickey Mouse Clubhouseworking as pit crew members in Mickey's garage.

Like in Clubhousethey are allies to Mickey and his friends; including Donald and Pluto. Chip's voice can be heard in the Darkwing Duck episode " Twitching Channels ". Dale makes a brief cameo appearance in the Quack Pack episode " Hit the Road, Backwater Jack " when a man is trying to empty things in his pockets.

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In Saving Mr. Banksa plush of Dale can be seen when P. Travers enters her Disney-themed room.

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Chip and Dale also appear as walkarounds during the premiere of Mary Poppins. Chip and Dale are recurring characters in the Kingdom Hearts video game serieswhere they serve under King Mickey in Disney Castle as the royal engineers. They complain to Terra that Pete is playing unfairly so Terra takes part in the race and ends up beating Pete. They continuously pop up throughout the game to help Sora navigate through the map.

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During Gummi Ship missions, they communicate with Sora from Disney Castle to cheer him on as he battles the Heartless ships. They are also greeted during Sora's visit to Disney Castle, where they warn him and Queen Minnie of the dark thorns that have mysteriously overtaken the Hall of the Cornerstone. In Kingdom Hearts codedthe two build a datascape for Jiminy's Journal, to decode a mysterious message left inside.

Chip and Dale appear as meet-and-greet characters in front of their treehouse in Mickey's Toontown and also dance alongside Mickey's float in the Mickey's Soundsational Parade mini-game.

At one point, the duo asks the player to locate some acorns for them to eat. The story goes that the two accidentally break the firework machine, and must take part in races around the resort to restore it.

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They can be seen, dressed in their Rescue Rangers outfits, in the audience shots at the beginning and end of the Castle of Illusion remake. In Disney Magical WorldChip and Dale own a store where they make furniture for the player used in the cafe. In the Disney parksChip and Dale are some of the most common and popular characters. Toontown also features the Chip 'n' Dale's Treehouse attraction.

Nutty Tales Compilation! Part 1 - Chip 'N Dale's Nutty Tales - Disney Junior

They also have a small statue dedicated to them in the central hub, surrounding the "Partners" statue. In The Disney Afternoon Live!

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