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Looking for some Friday night cleavage? In "Jedi Crash," Anakin Skywalker is taken out of commission and his already lightly clothed Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, teams up with another female Jedi, Aayla Secura, to find medical help on a strange planet. Well, that and some clothes. We joke, but one of the sticking points keeping the latest version of The Clone Wars from becoming the finest animated series on television is its females. Take Ahsoka, or "Snips" as Anakin humorously refers to her.

As a mother of teen girl, I have seen how females feel pressured to look a certain way. Thank you for writing this. I am constantly disgusted at how so much of all that is good is sexualized in this world.

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I sure hope this post turns up when people are searching for such content. You never know, this post could reach others and influence them in some way! I certainly hope this piece ends up changing some minds, even though the tendency on the internet is to double-down on bad habits. Then again, that is also the point. I am in no interest to sugarcoat this issue. She is a child. End of story. Strong, brave, determined, etc. You can appreciate people for being who they are without putting them is such a shallow box.

I agree that she fights for good female images from the inside out. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Ahsoka meets Anakin and Obi-Wan for the first time. Surrounded by members of the Death Watch, Ahsoka dispatches them with ease. Like this: Like Loading The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear! Amen, my friendamen Like Liked by 1 person. Hi IT, Strong, brave, determined, etc. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By then, the galaxy was on the verge of a civil war between the Republic and a secessionist movement that ultimately formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Since the Jedi lacked sufficient manpower to guard the entire Republic, the Senate resolved to grant emergency powers to the executive branch. Under the Jedi's leadership, clone troopers charged the fields of Geonosis and secured the first victory in the Clone Wars.

Clone troopers were deployed into battle for the first time on the planet Geonosiswhere twelve Acclamator -class assault ships supplied by Kamino were loaded with two battle armies, [12] ortroops. Throughout the conflict, clone troopers continuously demonstrated extreme loyalty to the Galactic Republic, especially their Jedi Generals and the Supreme Chancellor. Though encouraged to identify with their cohort, the clones received no time to form friendships beyond a soldier's bond. Insufficient or rushed field care led some clone veterans to have deep, physical scars.

These soldiers wore their scars with pride, and some refused rehabilitative treatment to remove them. Serving as the backbone of the Grand Army of the Republic, clone troopers represented the latest evolution in galactic warfare.

The distinction between each clone ranged from loyal units, [1] such as Clone Commander CC "Cody" [16] and Clone Captain CT "Rex," [17] to a minority of clones who proved to be disloyal or uncommitted to the Republic's cause, such as Clone Sergeant " Slick.

Clone trooper

Troopers also tended to see their barracks or starships as places of work. Throughout the Clone Wars, clone troopers and battle droids fought and destroyed each other. As the Clone Wars dragged on, the stress of combat and high casualties caused cracks and strains among the ranks of the clone soldiers. Personality quirks, once considered harmless or even essential to their mental development, began to express themselves in extreme and polarizing ways.

Each unit created their own rituals, small ways to identify squad mates, those from the same company, and veterans of specific campaigns.

A soldier that talked about "cracking that crystal" identified themselves as a veteran of Christophsis and the assault on Crystal Citywhile an officer calling targets "bugs" revealed he fought in the hives on Geonosis. While many clones respected a soldier with a different background, some felt separated by time, space, and the unique cts of their struggle.

Though the vast majority of clones remained loyal to the Republic over the course of the three-year conflict, as time progressed a small number began to question their strict obedience. Naive new clones fresh from the clone tanks found themselves fighting alongside veterans with years of combat experience, the deaths of comrades, objectives gained and failed, and the often-ineffectual civilian Republic leadership.

Consequently, some veterans developed a skepticism of Republic bureaucracy that shocked even the most cynical of rookie clones. Unlike most "natural" species where youth question their elders, it was the older clones of the Grand Army of the Republic who found themselves questioning their values and traditions.

These clones still found comfort in the company of their brothers, but life no longer seemed as cut and dry to them. Throughout the Clone Wars, clone troopers featured prominently in propaganda sponsored by both the Republic and Separatist media. Through the Commission for the Protection of the Republica populist organization commonly known as COMPOR, clones were portrayed as the public face of the Republic's war effort, resulting in the publication of patriotic artwork such as Unite and Support the Boys in White.

The posters expressed patriotism and civic duty to the citizens of the Republic. Part of a large outreach campaign, clone troopers became the symbol of the war effort, largely replacing the Jedi of previous years. Projecting strength and unity, they reminded citizens that their sacrifices were funding peace through military might. Such messages were intended to ingrain the image of the clone trooper as brave soldiers risking all for freedom, democracy and the Republic.

Although COMPOR also wanted to use the Jedi Order as a tool for propaganda, Chancellor Palpatine advised against this course of action, citing sympathy for the Jedi's reluctant acceptance of their new role during wartime.

Anakin, Kenobi, Ahsoka, And Rex Fight The Zygerrian Empire [1080p]

As a result, very few examples of pro-Jedi messages exist as COMPOR devoted their full attention to promoting support for the clone troopers as well as loyalty to the Republic and, in particular, Chancellor Palpatine. By contrast, the Confederacy of Independent Systems decried the clone army as a biological abomination-an inhumane practice in which weaponized embryos were carried to artificial term and turned into disposable killing machines.

The Separatist cause was, therefore, portrayed as the more "humane" approach due to the Confederacy's use of battle droids. As the war carried on, more Republic citizens became disillusioned with the seemingly endless conflict, allowing Separatist and anti-war propaganda to take root in the Republic's territory. Widespread discontent began to erode the clones' public image despite COMPOR's efforts; even their civilian-coined nickname "Boys in White" backfired as anti-war activists pointed to the fact that the clones were barely thirteen years old by the third year of the Clone Wars.

Clone wars sexy

The Sith conspiracy against the Jedi was jeapordized by a defective clone that prematurely executed Order Near the end of the war, Order 66 was nearly discovered by the Jedi. CT "Tup" was a clone trooper in the st Legion who became mentally unstable when his inhibitor chip malfunctioned during the Battle of Ringo Vindacausing him to kill Jedi General Tiplar.

The Sith also took an interest in the matter; Count Dooku-whom Lama Su and Nala Se knew only as "Tyranus," their secret benefactor-instructed the Kaminoans to prevent the Jedi from discovering the true purpose of the inhibitor chips.

Nevertheless, she was certain that, with the exception of Tup's damaged chip, the rest of the chips would function according to their design. During the investigation, ARC trooper CT "Fives" became increasingly convinced that the inhibitor chip was part of a conspiracy against the Republic and the Jedi. However, their meeting led the ARC trooper to believe that the Chancellor was involved in the conspiracy, although he was unaware of to what extent.

Jedi Master Shaak Ti witnessed Fives's attempt to assassinate the Chancellor and prevented him from succeeding. The investigation falsely concluded that Tup's chip was infected by a rare parasite native to Ringo Vinda and Fives succumbed to madness after removing his own chip on Kamino.

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Shortly before dying, Tup and Fives-both of whom had their chips removed-described Order 66 as a mission that they repeatedly experienced in their nightmares. CT "Fives" was killed while trying to expose a plot to turn the clone troopers against their Jedi Generals. The death of Fives did not completely ensure the secrecy of Order 66, however. The Jedi Council began inquiring into the specific circumstances regarding the mysterious death of Sifo-Dyas, the founder of the clone army.

Alarmed by the Jedi's interest in the matter, Darth Sidious tasked his apprentice with the responsibility of eliminating any remaining loose ends that could connect the Sith with the creation of the clones.

The Jedi Council was disturbed by the revelation of the Sith Order's involvement in the creation of the clones. Yet in spite of their suspicions regarding the reasons the Sith would provide the Jedi with an army, the Council ultimately chose to conceal their findings from the public and the government, fearing that such a discovery would undermine public confidence in the war.

Moreover, Grand Master Yoda defended the clones' integrity to his peers, believing that the Jedi could trust in their loyalty as they had saved their lives many times and had proven worthy allies. Clone troopers were programmed to obey Order 66 without question, regardless of their affinity for the Jedi. After three years of constant warfare, [1] the Separatist forces attacked Coruscant[3] the Republic capital world, [24] and managed to abduct Chancellor Palpatine in the process. During the battle, Darth Tyranus was slain by Skywalker-an act which brought the Clone Wars closer to a successful conclusion for the Republic.

The Jedi Council moved to capitalize on the momentum gained by Tyranus' death in the hope of ending the war. The Grand Army continued to fight the war on various worlds across the galaxy, including MygeetoFeluciaCato Neimoidiaand Saleucami.

New fronts were opened as clone troopers were deployed to Kashyyyk and Utapau ; and other planets as part of the Outer Rim Sieges. As the Republic drew closer to achieving total victory in the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine revealed his true identity as Darth Sidious to the Jedi, provoking an immediate response from the Jedi Council. The consequent confrontation between the Council and the Dark Lord ended in the deaths of several Jedi Masters, including Mace Winduand Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side of the Force.

Under the influence of Order 66, the st clone troopers stormed the Temple and exterminated the Jedi within. None of the Jedi were spared, including the younglings. Around the same time, Darth Sidious issued Order 66 to the clone troopers throughout the galaxy-declaring every Jedi an enemy of the Republic. Order 66 triggered the hidden chips within the clones, [1] compelling them to comply without question or hesitation with the plan to annihilate the Jedi.

The clones turned on their unsuspecting allies and slaughtered them across numerous worlds. With the exception of a few survivors, the Jedi were all but extinct in the aftermath of the initial execution of Order The remaining clone troopers went on to serve the Galactic Empire as the first wave of Imperial stormtroopers. Without the Jedi Order, the galaxy fell under the power of the Sith once more.

Sidious, having accumulated absolute political and military control over the Republic, was able to become the self-proclaimed Emperor of the First Galactic Empire. As a result, the soldiers that once defended the Republic became the Empire's elite shock troops, enforcing the Emperor's will and destroying his enemies [5] during the early days of the new Imperial Era.

Despite the clones' role in the formation and enforcement of the early Empire, the clone trooper production line was halted, causing rumors to spread across the ranks with clones such as " Ding " and " Kicker " pondering the Empire's future and the fate of their kind.

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Knowing that the clone army had only one generation left in its future, older clones dreaded the notion of retirement and, therefore, sought ways to remain on active duty, such as joining the Emperor's Royal Guard. Human conscripts supplanted clones after the Empire ended the cloning operation on Kamino. The drop in casualties following the end of the war allowed the Empire to suspend clone production without a major disruption in manpower as new, non-clone recruits took up the mantle.

Clone troopers were dispatched to secure Jedi sites, such as the Mid Rim Jedi way station Brighthomea task which the clones found tedious as they preferred to serve on the battlefield. As time passed, however, the remaining clones were deemed no longer fit for military service due to their accelerated aging process. However, Vader ultimately promoted Crest to the rank of lieutenant. By 4 BBY most clones had been decommissioned and were regarded as obsolete.

At that time he was nearing the age of forty due to his accelerated growth process, with strands of gray coloring his black hair. An Imperial clone stormtrooper known as Crag remained in military service well into the Empire's reign, [35] despite his accelerated age.

Having served as a soldier since the time of the Republic, [36] the old clone had a strong sense of duty, which he believed was maintaining order in the galaxy.

However, his personality earned the ire of a fellow trooper, Sardis Ramsinwho regarded Crag as a "relic. Unbeknownst to Crag and his team, [35] the old man with the droids was the Jedi fugitive Obi-Wan Kenobi, who used the Force to dominate the weak-minded troopers in order to move the droids into the city unopposed.

During the later years of the Clone Wars, many clones talked about retirement as a reward for their service, but few knew what it entailed. Indeed, the Republic planned to retire the clones, but neither the government nor the clones knew what that meant. If a soldier brought the subject up, their commander would often put an end to the idle chatter.

A few forward-looking clones contemplated work in corporate security or consultation with local militaries owing to their lack of civilian job skills, and their accelerated aging process decreased the likelihood of them learning and mastering such job skills before they died.

Star Wars Singapore //

However, strong loyalties to the former Republic created a moral quandary when it came to security work, as retired clones would possibly be fighting some of their former brethren. Before the Republic collapsed, politicians had vetted certain officers about staying in a formalized and permanent Republic military to maintain the peace. A few exceptional clones had even been approached to run for political office.

Having proven their loyalty to the Republic, and with the civilian population loving military heroes, many clones would have made ideal candidates were it not for the clones' general disdain for politicking. Some clones felt bitter and horrified by their actions, having been traumatized by the aftereffects of Order Captain " Styles " did not share his commander's concern over the moral issues of Order 66, however.

In an effort to atone for his participation in the Jedi Purge, Grey sacrificed his life to save Caleb Dumethe apprentice of Jedi Master Depa Billaba whom the clone killed while under the influence of Order Despite the effects of their accelerated growth, the aging clones decided to oppose the Empire by joining the nascent rebellion, a movement dedicated to the restoration of the Republic that the clones once served.

sympathise with

Regarding the clones' view of stormtroopers, Rex was generally dismissive of the humans who replaced his brethren. Rex, formerly CT, was a clone veteran who supported the rebellion against the Empire. Although the extensive majority of clone troopers were loyal to the Empire, held in place by training and established organic programming, a few clones were able to discover how to disconnect or repel their programming.

Of those few, even fewer decided to rebel against the Empire, mostly due to their increasingly old age or situations. The rebellious clones brought their combat training and experience to the various resistance groups that they joined and were also knowledgeable in Imperial strategy and military bureaucracy.

Although clones active in the growing rebellion operated apart from each other, some instances saw several clones working together. At least one Jedi survivor harbored a grudge against the clones.

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Kanan Jarrus was traumatized by the events of Order 66, including the sudden execution of his Master, Depa Billaba by their own clone troopers, who betrayed and murdered the Jedi Master without hesitation. This experience caused him to develop a strong sense of bitterness towards the clones.

After the mission, Jarrus went as far as to salute the clone, which surprised Rex, but he quickly returned it.

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He served in the Battle of Endor[43] which would prove to be a major loss for the Empire because of the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Republic propaganda inspired birth-born humans to follow the clone troopers' example by becoming Imperial stormtroopers. Although the clone trooper program was decommissioned under the Empire, their service in the Clone Wars inspired a generation of birth-born humans, both throughout the conflict and the years that followed.

Riyo Chuchi was a female Pantoran politician from the moon of Pantora which orbited the planet Orto Plutonia. Chuchi served as a senator and represented her people in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Riyo also helped negotiate peace between the Talz tribe on the. Hot star wars fan have sex in the taxi and gets awarded a hot cum. k min - p. Pornhub is the most complete and revolutionary porn tube site. We offer streaming porn videos, downloadable DVDs, photo albums, and the number 1 free sex community on the net. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well.

At the time there was no army to enlist in; save for the clones' Jedi Generals, the Grand Army of the Republic was exclusively based on a single template.

The Republic faithful nevertheless wanted to do their part as citizens of the thousand-year democracy; as such, they were encouraged by COMPOR propaganda to purchase war bonds or report acts of sedition to the authorities. For all of COMPOR's efforts to mythologize the clone troopers, portraying them as gallant heroes of the Republic in a barrage of propaganda, clones remained an abstraction in the public's mind. Yet whereas the Grand Army's ranks were exclusively clone-based, the galactic populace was encouraged by COMPNOR to serve the state by doing more than purchasing bonds, reporting treason or rationing supplies.

With the cloning operation on Kamino suspended, ordinary citizens volunteered for military service in the hopes of wearing the armor of the Imperial stormtrooper and becoming heroes like the clone soldiers they idolized. By the later years of the Galactic Empire, clone troopers and the Grand Army of the Republic were virtually forgotten, becoming what some called a "lost generation," despite their valiant service. By the war's end, clones had saved billions of lives across the galaxy, while their vehicles and equipment inspired new weapons such as the E blaster riflebased on the common clone weapon the DCand AT-ATbased off the clone tank the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.

Scontoaccording to his motherwas the son of that clone. Unlike the clone, Sconto aged at a normal rate and was living as a merchant in Utapau's Pau City -the site of one of the final battles in the Clone Wars [46] -about thirty years [47] after the Battle of Yavin. Sconto was proud of his heritage and therefore harbored resentment towards the Jedi, whom he held responsible for his father's death. CT "Kix," a clone trooper of the st Legion, was discovered by the pirate Sidon Ithano over fifty years after the end of the Clone Wars.

At the time Ithano located a downed Separatist vessel and decided to raid it, assuming he would find valuable kyber crystals once belonging to Count Dooku. Instead, he found Kix, who had been frozen in stasis since the late Clone Wars, because he had discovered Order The clone medic was deeply saddened when he learned about the end of the Republic and the loss of his brothers, and ultimately joined Ithano's crew due to his expertise in Clone Wars-era technology and the knowledge he possessed regarding the locations of former military locations.

First Order stormtrooper armor was derived from that worn by Republic clone troopers and Imperial stormtroopers. Among military circles, the clones were remembered for their effectiveness. Though General Armitage Hux had complete confidence in his soldiers, convinced they were well trained and programmed, his rival Kylo Ren doubted their loyalty to the First Order and Supreme Leader Snoke.

During the cold war with the New RepublicRen accused Hux's stormtroopers of harboring the potential for treason after FN betrayed the First Order. The dark warrior suggested that a clone army would be more reliable, using the rogue trooper as an example of a flaw that was potentially systemic to the stormtrooper program.

The general responded to Ren's criticism by assuring him that the stormtroopers were exceptionally reliable in their combat skills and allegiance to the First Order. Sith troopers were the culmination of decades spent creating an army programmed for absolute loyalty. At the height of the First Order-Resistance warthe Sith Eternal cult readied an army of elite soldiers to support the First Order's ultimate push toward galactic conquest.

Though they were named after a revived sect of the dark side, Sith troopers were the culmination of decades that the Empire spent attempting to strip individuality from its soldiers.

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